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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental condition characterized by atypical levels of inattention and/or hyperactive-impulsive behavior.

There is a high degree of overlap between features of ADHD and many other conditions. Comprehensive evaluations take considerable amounts of time for clinicians to perform, and it is not unusual for the evaluation to take several hours. For the assessment process, you should expect that your evaluator will review your records, perform a detailed diagnostic interview, complete cognitive testing, and provide you with feedback of your tests results, diagnoses, and recommendations.

Local Resources for Evaluation for ADHD

Julie Bates, PhD
Patricia Driskill, PhD
Stuart Spendlove, PhD
5212 75th
Lubbock, TX
Cost: $750. Must pay half on first day of testing and balance must be paid prior to picking up results. Done in two separate appointments. Will file insurance if covered and verified. Accepts Tricare South; requires referral from primary care physician.

Brian Carr, PhD
3709 22nd place Suite C
Lubbock, TX
Cost: $125 per hour with average cost for testing is approximately $900. Does accept most insurances; out of pocket cost averages $450-$550.

TTU Psychology Clinic
18th & Boston
Lubbock, TX
Cost: $700. Must pay one half of fee on first day of testing and balance must be paid prior to picking up results. Test time is 5-6 hrs. done in two appointments. Insurance not filed by clinic for testing.

Esther Schwartz, PhD
TTU Student Health Services
1003 Flint Ave
Lubbock, TX
Cost: $675. Testing time is 5 hrs. Insurance not filed by clinic for testing. Student has option to pay fee at time of appointment or bill fee to Student Business Services account. Student will then have 30 days to pay fee. After 30 days Student Business Services will then bill late fees and place hold on student's account.

Updated 2/2019

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