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Featured Projects:

Addressing environmental stresses on crops by applications of various chemicals and biostimulants, Dr. Son Tran

Genome-wide dissection of the regulation of epicuticular wax in sorghum: the first defense line against environmental threats, Dr. Yinping Jiao



Sorgum stigmaGFP in rootsStay shiny Greenhouse Cotton crop improvement; abiotic stress; genome editingGenome editing; abiotic stress tolerance; crop improvement

Unique Focus

IGCAST research focuses on applying genomic technologies to improve crop productivity under adverse environmental conditions, a distinction from other plant genomics institutes nationwide. The development and utilization of genomics tools and study of genetic diversity will lead to the inception of crops that are resilient to abiotic stress and produce higher nutritional value and fiber quality. This cutting edge, original research impacts crop productivity in the High Plains and semi-arid regions globally, showing promise to mitigate impacts of climate change. 

                       Diverse People

IGCAST Director Dr. Luis Herrera-Estrella, an internationally recognized plant biologist and a fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, leads the IGCAST team by inspiring, promoting and supporting a diverse group of talented, young scientists, encouraging them to flourish. IGCAST research incorporates a multi-disciplinary, collaborative approach across TTU departments, colleges and research centers, as well as with multiple private industry and academic partners throughout the US and internationally. Current faculty, scientists, staff and graduate students represent 5 countries and come from a range of academic and industry backgrounds such as natural resource management, plant genomics and biotechnology.   Staff directory 

                                          High Impact Publications

IGCAST is dedicated to producing high quality publications for high impact journals. Our mission is to be internationally ranked within the top ten institutes of plant genomics with a large production of high impact publications and patents, as well as training new scientists to lead technological development of improved agricultural production in the future. Browse IGCAST publications.