Texas Tech University


Research Scientists & Postdoctoral Associates

Balaji Rao

Office: MERC 116A
Phone: (806) 834-6722
Email: balaji.rao@ttu.edu

Contaminant geochemistry, photochemistry, isotope forensics, and remediation


Office: MERC 116A
Email: magdalena.rakowska@ttu.edu

Effects, distribution and transport of hydrophobic organic compounds in sediments


Office: MERC 116C
Email: shen@utexas.edu

Fate and transport model of contaminants in the sediments

Ph.D. Students

Huayun Zhou

Office: MERC 106B
Email: huayun.zhou@ttu.edu

Stormwater recontamination, remediation of heavy metal in sediments in rivers, lakes or estuaries

Ashkan Alborzi

Office: MERC 106C
Email: ashkan.alborzi@ttu.edu

Water treatment - Understanding fouling mechanisms in membrane separation processes


Office: MERC 106B
Email: cesar.gomez-avila@ttu.edu

Stormwater sediment recontamination and management, fate of Hydrophobic Organic Contaminants (HOCs)


Office: MERC 116C
Email: karlo.rasporic@ttu.edu



Office: MERC 106C
Email: rashedul.islam@ttu.edu


Andres Sanchez

Office: MERC 106B
Email: andres.sanchez@ttu.edu

Microplastic evaluation in stormwater and wastewater

Elham Abaie

Office: MERC 116C
Email: elham.abaie@ttu.edu

Chlorinated solvents, 1,4-dioxane, PFAS remediation, polymeric adsorbents for environmental remediation purposes

Kiana Rouhi

Office: MERC 106C
Email: krouhi@ttu.edu

Organic contaminant assessment and remediation and sorbents for enhancing remedial performance




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