Texas Tech University

Frequently Asked Questions

If I am already a doctoral student in the College of Education, Texas Tech University, am I eligible to apply for a Fellowship?

No, doctoral students who are already at Texas Tech University are not eligible. The Helen DeVitt Fellowships are for future doctoral students who wish to begin PhD or EdD studies at TTU.

If I am currently a master's student at Texas Tech University, am I eligible to apply for a Helen DeVitt Jones Fellowship?

Yes, if you have not previously been a doctoral student in the TTU College of Education and also are not concurrently enrolled as a doctoral student at TTU.

When will applicants be notified that they have or have not been selected for a Fellowship?

Applicants are usually notified within six weeks of the application deadline.

On average, how many Fellowships are offered on an annual basis?

The number is usually 1-3 per calendar year.

If I am awarded a Helen DeVitt Jones Fellowship, how many years will I receive fellowship support?

The initial support is for one year. The expectation is that the fellow will meet performance standards and have the fellowship renewed for two additional years.

Is the College of Education Helen DeVitt Jones Fellowship the same as those that are offered by other colleges at TTU?

No, those fellowships and scholarships are other financial aid opportunities and must be applied for through their respective unit.

If I am planning to apply to a doctoral program and live outside of the Lubbock area, am I eligible to apply for a Fellowship?

Fellowships are only awarded to future doctoral students who plan to begin and complete their studies on the TTU campus in Lubbock. Fellows are required to spend twenty hours each week working face-to-face with professors and in nearby school and community projects.