Texas Tech University

Fellowship Qualifications and Funding Package


The Jones Fellowships in teacher education are designed to attract and support outstanding first-time doctoral students, who have shown their determination to pursue their doctoral studies, dissertations, and possible future careers with a focus in teacher education. The fellows need to be fully admitted to a doctoral program in the College of Education by the Graduate School and stand out among first-time doctoral students in light of the qualifications for doctoral program admission. In addition, they have demonstrated the potential for a variety of significant leadership roles in teaching, teacher development, and teacher education.

The Jones Fellowships in Teacher Education are not intended for existing, currently enrolled, and returning doctoral students at the college and university. These students are advised to seek scholarships and financial aid from other sources in the College of Education and the University. Additional resources are available on the Graduate School's website. In addition, preference will be given to applicants who have not previously attended Texas Tech.

Funding Package

Each Jones Fellow in Teacher Education will receive a twelve-month Research Assistantship and a Jones Fellowship. Together, they provide a three-year, annually renewable financial aid package. This package is sufficiently generous to allow each Jones Fellow for a concentrated and in-depth professional study and active participation in the activities with a focus on the issues of teacher education relatively free of the financial pressure that often interferes with the graduate students' experience as full-time doctoral students. This package includes:

  • A cash stipend of approximately $28,400 for 12 month a year, which includes about $14,400 Research assistantship and $14,000 Jones Fellowship
  • Out-of-state tuition and fee waivers
  • Health insurance