Texas Tech University

Fellow Selection Criteria

The Jones Fellow Selection and Review Committee at the College of Education will review each applicant's materials and make a decision on Jones Fellow selections in a holistic manner based on the established criteria. These criteria include:

  • Evidences revealed from the application letter and curriculum vitae that (1) describe applicant's specific motivation, research interests, and professional goal relevant to teacher education, (2) highlight his or her unique abilities, achievements, teaching and other working experiences that qualify him or her for successful doctoral studies and excellent performance in the Jones Fellow related activities, and (3) show the dynamic leadership role that he or she can play in contributing to scholarship, policy, and/or practice of teacher education in their future professional careers
  • Evidence of proven and potential strong academic competences shown in the applicant's (1) grade point averages of all the official undergraduate and graduate transcript(s), (2) performances on Graduate Record Examination, (3) the writing sample, and (4) the results of other tests and materials required for his or her doctoral program admission
  • Evidences revealed from recommendation letters that address consistently and strongly the applicant's competence, qualification, and potential (1) to excel in a doctoral program and (2) to contribute importantly to scholarship, teaching, and service relevant to teacher education
  • Applicants with study experiences at non Texas Tech institutions will be given preferable considerations in the Jones Fellow selection