Texas Tech University

Master of Arts in Communication Studies

Offered by the College of Media & Communication
Available: Online Print

Program Overview

Minimum Hours: 36
Prerequisite: Bachelor's Degree

The Master of Arts in Communication Studies offers advanced study of human communication in face-to-face, public, and mediated contexts. Students are encouraged to pursue research interests in organizational and small group communication, intercultural and interpersonal communication, instructional communication, and/or rhetoric and public affairs. Ultimately, the program aims to foster and promote a theory of engaged living. The M.A. degree prepares students for a career in a wide array of arenas, including but not limited to, non-profits, start-ups, corporate contexts, and educational institutions. Alternatively, many students elect to continue their studies and matriculate into Ph.D. programs.

The M.A. in communication studies is a 36-hour program; it includes three core courses: (1) COMS 5310; (2) COMS 5300 or COMS 5306; and (3) COMS 5301, COMS 5305 or COMS 5307. GTAs are also required to take COMS 6307. To complete the degree requirements, students choose from among various options: a thesis, two publishable papers, a praxis report, or qualifying exams.

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