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Other Learning Opportunities

Did you know that Texas Tech offers more than just college degrees? From kindergarten through lifelong learners aged 50 and over (and everything in-between), we offer flexible, affordable, attainable and prestigious educational solutions.

The Office of Continuing and Professional Education

The Office of Continuing and Professional Education offers courses, professional certification training and personal development. Ranging from areas like IT, medical, business and trades, there are opportunities to get started in a new field or advance in an existing one.

Continuing Education Website
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TTU K-12

TTU K-12 offers an accredited, state-approved, fully online K-12 education for families looking for alternatives to traditional education.

Some of what TTU K-12 offers:

  • A full-time tuition program
  • individual courses to help supplement an existing education
  • and credit by exams to make up for a failed credit or test out of mastered subjects.
TTU K-12 Website

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

A Unique Learning Community for Adults Over 50.

OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) is designed for adults over 50 who are still working, semi-retired or fully retired. Join a vibrant and interactive learning community and discover the joy of learning in a fun, friendly and intellectually stimulating environment.

OLLI Website

Individual College Courses

Students who are not interested in pursuing a degree at Texas Tech but still want to enroll in an individual course can choose to enroll as a non-degree-seeking student.

Information about the procedures for undergraduate and graduate non-degree enrollment can be found on the following pages:

Self-paced Courses

Flexible, all-inclusive college courses.

Earn genuine, transferrable college credit at your pace with these all-inclusive online courses.
*Not available to actively enrolled TTU students at this time.

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