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Microcredential Program

Embark on an enriching learning journey with the newest initiative from Texas Tech University – Microcredentials!

About Microcredentials

Microcredentials offer a flexible and high-quality approach to acquiring in-demand credentials. These short programs are tailored to meet the needs of current undergraduate and graduate students, as well as working professionals. Microcredentials provide a dynamic pathway for skill development that aligns with industry standards, so learners stay relevant in today's workforce.

Designed for today's unique learners.

These programs not only accommodate the diverse schedules of students and professionals but also leverage Texas Tech's reputation for excellence. Microcredentials can help learners develop new, demonstrable skills, then document those achievements through digital badges, which serve as tangible proof of the acquired in-demand skills.

What is a microcredential?

In essence, they are short, targeted programs crafted to equip individuals with the skills needed in today's rapidly evolving job market. These programs are approved by Texas Tech University, ensuring a high standard of quality. Additionally, some microcredentials offer the added benefit of earning credits toward a Texas Tech degree, providing a seamless integration of these short programs into the broader academic journey.

Two Ways to Earn

Available Now

Industry Career Certificates, offered at no cost to Texas Tech undergraduate and graduate students, are industry-developed microcredentials provided through Coursera Career Academy. With an array of nearly 40 in-demand certificate programs from renowned industry leaders such as Google, Meta, and IBM, our students have the opportunity to enhance the value of their Texas Tech degree.

Industry Career Certificates

Coming Soon

We are currently piloting and developing additional opportunities for learners to earn microcredentials developed by Texas Tech faculty. Courses cover a range of topics spanning communication, business, technology, leadership, finance, and human resources. With a commitment to offering diverse and impactful learning experiences, we are confident that you will find a microcredential program that precisely meets your needs.

Stay tuned for the full list of microcredentials, launching soon!

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Benefits & Features

Why choose Texas Tech Microcredentials?

Whether you're transitioning from college to a career or seeking to bridge the gap between your current role and your dream job, our microcredentials can help you elevate your skills and empower your future.

  • Fast – Earn a credential in less time than a degree.
  • Flexible – Choose from various program lengths and formats, including online on-demand, hybrid, and face-to-face.
  • Focused – Gain just the skills you need, without the commitment of a long-term program.

Earn Digital Badges

Upon successfully completing a microcredential, you will receive a digital badge, serving as a testament to your specific professional skills. These badges are more than visual icons, they serve as a direct link to the work you've accomplished to earn the microcredential. Easily shareable with current and potential employers, these badges not only offer a comprehensive overview of your achievements but also carry the distinction of being Texas Tech University approved.

Faculty & Staff
Develop Your Microcredential Course

Guided by the Microcredential Advisory Committee, microcredentials offer a unique platform for faculty and staff to create targeted, industry-relevant courses that resonate with the evolving needs of our learners.

Your contribution to our Microcredential Program can make a lasting impact on the professional development of our learners. We invite you to share your knowledge and expertise by partnering with us to create a custom microcredential.

Address Skill Gaps:
Provide major-complementary skills and opportunities to upskill.
Enhance Professional Growth:
Promote professional development.
Build pathways into certificate and degree programs.
Support Lifelong Learning:
Increase access and provide lower‑cost on‑ramps to education.
Boost Student Engagement:
Validate learning and improve retention with credentials for each step of a learner's educational journey.

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Industry Partners

At Texas Tech University, we understand the importance of maintaining a workforce equipped with cutting-edge skills. Our industry-aligned Microcredential Program provides a unique opportunity for your staff to enhance their professional capabilities swiftly and effectively. By enrolling in targeted microcredential courses, your team can acquire specific, industry-relevant skills that translate directly to improved performance in the workplace. Whether it's honing digital marketing strategies, navigating leadership challenges in the digital age, or adopting sustainable business practices, our microcredentials cater to a variety of professional needs.

Empower Your Workforce With Microcredentials

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