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As a Texas Tech online student, you have access to a comprehensive range of services designed to support your educational experience and assist you in achieving your academic and career goals. Whether you're looking for help in one of your classes, aiming to graduate with distinction, or embark on a successful career in your field, Texas Tech offers dedicated support services tailored to help you reach those milestones.

Academics & Career

Academics & Career


As an online student at Texas Tech University, you'll frequently use Blackboard, our online learning platform, to access course materials, assignments, and discussions. Blackboard is where you'll engage with your professors and classmates, submit assignments, and participate in online lectures or discussions. We understand that navigating a new platform can be challenging, so we offer support to help you learn and navigate Blackboard effectively.

Raider Success Hub

Raider Success Hub is an online platform that connects academic success staff with students. You can quickly schedule an appointment with a success team member, send a question through chat, see appointments and class schedules, view your academic dashboard, see tasks, alerts, appointments and holds and explore majors, minors and careers.

Learning Center

As an online learner, you'll have access to free virtual tutoring. No appointments are needed—simply connect online during the online tutoring hours that suit your schedule. Whether you prefer daily, weekly, or monthly assistance, the Learning Center is here to cater to your needs.

Military & Veterans Programs

The MVP office can help guide online students through the application process to access their military educational benefits, ensuring a smooth transition into their chosen programs. Their dedicated team provides personalized 1:1 online appointments. Additionally, for graduates unable to attend the in-person Graduation Stole & Recognition Ceremony, the MVP office can help ensure they receive their regalia through mail. Veterans are honored with a distinctive camo-tipped stole, while military family members are recognized with a distinguished green cord, symbolizing their invaluable support.

Study Abroad

Even though you're not physically on campus, your academic journey can still extend across borders. Online students have the unique opportunity to study abroad during any term, be it summer, fall/spring semester, or even spring break programs. Just like our on-campus students, you can explore the world and broaden your horizons through Texas Tech's study abroad programs.

Student Success Specialists

All online students have access to a TTU Success Specialist—an essential ally in your educational journey. As both a motivator and a resource expert, your specialist is committed to assisting you in navigating your academic path. From providing practical tips on time management to offering guidance on handling stress and prioritizing tasks, your success specialist is here to support your personal and academic growth. With their expertise, you'll have a reliable partner to help you achieve success at Texas Tech University.

University Career Center

Maximize your career potential with the Texas Tech University Career Center. Designed with distance learners in mind, their services include career assessments, resume critiques, mock interviews, and more. Discover internship and full-time job opportunities and register for virtual events on Hire Red Raiders, an accessible online job board. Whether you need help refining your professional profile or exploring career events, their dedicated staff are here for you—no matter where you are.

University Library

Explore the Texas Tech University Library at your fingertips! As an online student, access electronic resources, databases, and scholarly journals. For physical materials not available online, the Document Delivery department is at your service.

University Writing Center

Enhance your writing skills with the University Writing Center (UWC), dedicated to supporting online students on their academic journey. Skilled tutors are trained for synchronous online writing consultations, providing real-time assistance. Additionally, asynchronous consultations are available, ensuring flexibility with written feedback, accompanied by a video component for undergraduates. Whether it's class assignments, resumes, or graduate school applications, the UWC can help.

Health, Safety & Wellness

Health, Safety & Wellness


The Risk Intervention and Safety Education (RISE) team is dedicated to ensuring that online students have access to vital resources and support. While some offerings, such as events, resource tables, and self-defense training, may not be available online, the majority of our services can be accessed remotely. From the Voice for Change online modules to substance use coaching and wellness coaching, RISE provides a range of virtual support options. Additionally, their presentations, workshops, and educational information are readily available through their website, along with downloadable posters and insightful content on the RISE wellness blog.

Student Counseling Center

Wherever you are in your academic journey, the Student Counseling Student supports your mental well-being. Online students can access mental health support services through the Student Counseling Center, which offers resources like Togetherall for anonymous peer support, TELUS for free confidential counseling via phone or chat 24/7, and Therapy Assistance Online for strategies to manage anxiety, depression, and other concerns.

Student Disability Services

Regardless of your documented disability, Student Disability Services can assist you in achieving academic, career, and personal success. SDS offers assistance with reasonable accommodations based on individual needs, ensuring an inclusive and supportive learning environment.

Student Legal Services

Committed to meeting the unique needs of online students, the Student Legal Office offers comprehensive legal support. Their team of licensed attorneys provides expert advice, counsel, and limited representation to currently enrolled online students, ensuring they receive the necessary guidance to navigate legal matters effectively. Whether it's resolving landlord/tenant disputes, facilitating expunctions, addressing misdemeanors, navigating family law issues, or handling small claims disputes, their dedicated professionals are equipped to assist with a wide range of legal concerns.


Stay informed about safety and emergency communications, delays, closures, and other important updates by using TechAlert. TechAlert is a system that delivers urgent notifications directly to your phone or email. This means you'll be the first to know about any critical information regarding campus safety, weather-related closures, or other emergencies. It's a crucial tool to help you stay safe and informed, even if you're not physically on campus.

Title IX

Regardless of where you're learning from, the Title IX Office is dedicated to ensuring a safe and inclusive environment for all students. If you experience or witness any form of sexual harassment or discrimination, you can make a report to the Title IX Office. They will provide support, resources, and guidance throughout the reporting process, ensuring that your concerns are addressed promptly and confidentially.

Looking for more safety resources? Check out Raider Safety

Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition & Financial Aid

Relief Advocacy and Resource Center

Through a comprehensive network of campus and community partnerships, RRAC is a centralized hub of resources and support for students facing hardships with their basic needs. The center strives to alleviate the burden of financial, physical, and emotional hardships and promote the well-being and academic success of all students.

Red to Black® Peer Financial Coaching

Students lead the Red to Black Peer Financial Coaching program, aimed at helping you manage your finances whether you're on campus or learning online. Through personalized guidance on budgeting, student loans, and understanding financial aid, their coaches make it easy for online learners to access valuable financial support.


As an online student, scholarships can greatly reduce the cost of your education. Explore available scholarships, check eligibility requirements, apply before deadlines, and stay informed about updates.

Student Business Services

At Texas Tech University, Student Business Services is your go-to for anything related to your finances as a student. They help you with paying your tuition and fees, setting up payment plans if needed, getting your financial aid, and sorting out any refunds or account issues you might have.

Tuition Estimator

No matter where you are, even if you're out of state, you can pursue an affordable bachelor's degree through our online courses at Texas Tech

University. Students outside Texas enjoy online tuition rates equivalent to in-state, providing financial accessibility for a high-quality education. Benefit from the unique policy, offering flexibility to achieve your academic goals from anywhere and eliminating traditional financial barriers linked to out-of-state tuition.