Texas Tech University


Advisory Committee

Recognizing the impact microcredentials can have on diverse audiences, the Microcredential Advisory Committee at Texas Tech University serves as a collaborative forum. This committee brings together representatives from different sectors across the campus, ensuring that a multitude of voices contribute to the development of practices and procedures that shape the microcredential initiative. Our goal is to create a framework that not only respects the integrity of Texas Tech's high academic standards but also encourages innovation from faculty.

We extend our sincere gratitude to our committee members for their unwavering dedication and invaluable guidance as we navigate the journey of developing microcredentials at Texas Tech together!

Committee Charge

The Microcredential Advisory Committee is tasked with a multifaceted role within Texas Tech University. Comprising faculty and staff representatives from various corners of the university, the committee is entrusted with the following responsibilities:

Sharing Expertise

Drawing on the collective wisdom of diverse members to ensure a comprehensive understanding of microcredential development.


Serving as advocates for the initiative, promoting awareness, and communicating its significance to different stakeholders.

Guiding Policy and Governance

Providing insights and recommendations to shape policies governing the microcredential initiative, ensuring alignment with university standards.

Feedback for Improvement

Offering constructive feedback to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the microcredential initiative.

Committee Members

  • Kasey Anthony
    • Director of Operations, TTU Online
  • Allison Childress, Ph.D., RDN, CSSD, LD
    • Director, Online MS in Nutrition & Dietetics and Online Expansion/Hybrid Programs
    • Associate Professor of Practice, Department of Nutritional Sciences
  • Bonnie Cordell
    • Director of Microcredentials, TTU Online
  • Brandon Hennington
    • Executive Director, Data Management Division
  • Sandra Huston, Ph.D.
    • Assistant Vice Provost, TTU Online
    • Associate School Director and Professor, School of Financial Planning
  • Jay Killough
    • Managing Director, University Career Services
  • Brenda Martinez
    • Senior Associate Registrar, Office of the Registrar
  • Pradip Sahu
    • Managing Director, Institutional Research