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FBRI: Textile Topics Archive 2000-2008

Winter 2000
New Graduate Course in Progress
Dates Set for International Cotton School
Dates Set for Cotton Fiber Properties Seminar
New Machinery
Loss of Friends
Impacts on Yarn Quality of AFIS® Measurements of Cotton Fiber Length Distributions

Spring 2000
Southwest Research Center for Laundry and Drycleaning Comes to ITC
Spinning Lab Ready for New Machinery
New Instruments Now Available
Computer Specialist Joins ITC
Cotton Fiber Properties Seminar to be Held July 11-12 at ITC
Cotton Fiber Maturity Measurements Using Cross-Section Image Analysis: Relationship with Fiber Length Distribution

Fall 2000
New Equipment Installation Completed
ITC Conducts Special Education/Training
Southwest Research Center for Laundry and Drycleaning Grand Opening
Monitoring and Control of the AFIS® Instrument

Winter 2001
Bill Cole and Joann Sumner Retire
Cotton Fiber Properties Seminar April 3-4
New Non-woven Equipment to be Installed
Texas International Cotton School
Image Analysis on Cotton Fiber Cross Sections: Relationships with AFIS® Measurements and Yarn Quality

Spring 2001
Materials Evaluation Lab Undergoes Renovation
Special Events at ITC
Nonwovens Research: A new Initiative at the ITC
Evaluation of Dyed Cotton Yarn for Measuring White Specks
Texas International Cotton School - Class of May 2001

Spring 2002
Graduate Course on Cotton Fibers Available Through Distance Education
New Personnel
Researchers Recognized
Compact Spinning: New Potential for Short Staple Cottons

Summer 2002
ITC Now Hiring Chemical Manager
ITC Honors Retiring Lab Manager
Cotton Fiber Development/Processing Book Now Available Through ITC
Processing Sticky Cotton: Implications of Trehalulose in Residue Build-up

Fall 2002
ITC Hosts "U.S. Fiber Properties and Export School"
Cotton Fiber Book Sale
New Equipment Installed
High-Speed Stickiness Detector Measurement: Effect of Temperature Settings and Relative Humidity

Winter 2003
New Software Increases Efficiency for Fiber Testing Laboratory
ITC Associate Director Adds New Duties
More Nonwoven Equipment Installed
New Chemical Processing Manager Hired
Automatic Measurement of Fabric Shrinkage

Spring 2003
Textile Center Analyzes Cloth Believed to be From 1903 Wright Flyer Airplane
U.S. Patent Issued to ITC Researchers
Compact Ring Spun Yarns: An Examination of Some Productivity Issues

Summer 2003
Textile Topics Newsletter moves to an Electronic Format
Preliminary Validation of a Fabric Smoothness Assessment System

Fall 2003
Textile Topics available online
Texas International Cotton School October 2003 Class
Micro-Spinning for Early Evaluation of Cotton Fibers: Preliminary Results

Winter 2004
Materials Evaluation Lab Sees Increase in Sample Testing
Grant Brings New Testing Instrument to Center
ITC Tests New Fiber Measurement Machine
Analysis of Sticky Cotton Yarn Defects by Scanning Electron Microscope

Spring 2004
Materials Evaluation Lab Recognized for Outstanding Service
New Testing Instrument Installed
Renewed Focus on Neps

Summer 2004
Texas International Cotton School Now Enrolling
New Instrument will Increase Fabric Testing Capabilities
Renewed Focus on Short Fibers

Fall 2004
A Qualitative Approach to Estimating Cotton Spinnability Limits

Winter/Spring 2005
Objective Evaluation of Durable Press Treatments and Fabric Smoothness Ratings
Texas International Cotton School to Offer New Session

Summer 2005
Impacts of Fiber Length Distribution on Market Value and Yarn Quality: Implications for U.S. Cotton

Fall 2005
HPLC of Insect Honeydew Deposits Collected from the High Speed Stickiness Detector

Winter 2006
Harmonization of Rapid Machine Testing of Fiber Quality
Device Created by International Textile Center Researchers Now Available in Mass Market
MEL Manager Williams Retires
Texas International Cotton School Announces New Session

Spring 2006
ITC Overview
Texas International Cotton School Session to Begin in August

Summer 2006
Compact Spinning Effect on Cotton Yarn Quality
Texas International Cotton School-26th Session

Winter 2007
Registration for WCRC-4 nearing its end
Texas International Cotton School-27th Session
Textile Topics "spoofed" by hackers
Texas Plains Cotton Performance in High Value-added Ring Spinning Applications: A Progress Report

Winter 2008 - The End :)