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Jamie Bologna Pavlik

Research Fellow and Associate Professor of Economics

Dr. Jamie Bologna Pavlik, Research Fellow

Jamie Bologna Pavlik is a research fellow at the Free Market Institute and an associate professor of agricultural and applied economics in the Gordon W. Davis College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources at Texas Tech University.

Dr. Pavlik earned her B.S. in business economics from the University of Penn State at Behrend and her Ph.D. in economics from West Virginia University, where she received the department's Best Doctoral Student Award for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Dr. Pavlik's research interests broadly fall within the fields of economic growth and development, with a particular emphasis on the role of institutions. Her narrower focus is on the role of corruption within institutions. Within these areas of interest, she seeks to thoroughly answer unexplored questions as an applied economist.

For more information about Dr. Pavlik, please visit www.jamielbologna.com or her Social Science Research Network (SSRN) page: Jamie Bologna Pavlik.

Recent Publications

Bologna Pavlik, J. & Tackett, M. (Forthcoming). The Effect of Presidential Particularism on Income: A County Level Analysis. Public Finance Review.

Adisa, A., Farmer, M. C. & Bologna Pavlik, J. (Forthcoming). The Effect of the Mahathir Regime on the Malaysian Economy. Economics of Transition and Institutional Change.

Bologna Pavlik, J. & Young, A.T. (Forthcoming). Sorting out the Aid-Corruption Nexus. Journal of Institutional Economics.

Bologna Pavlik, J. & Young, A. T. (2021). The Legacy of Representation in Medieval Europe for Incomes and Institutions Today. Southern Economic Journal, 88(1): 414-448.

Callais, J. T., Jahan, I. & Bolgna Pavlik, J. (2021). Institutional Quality and Development: On the Role of Informality. Journal of Developing Areas, 55(3): 343-363.

Bologna Pavlik, J., Lujan Padilla, E. & Powell, B. (2021). Simpler Evidence on Immigration and Institutions: An Assessment. Econ Journal Watch, 18(1): 21-34.

Bologna Pavlik, J. & Geloso, V. (2021). Economic Freedom and the Economic Consequences of the 1918 Pandemic. Contemporary Economic Policy, 39(2): 255-263.

Bologna Pavlik, J. & Geloso, V. (2021). The Cuban Revolution and Infant Mortality: A Synthetic Control Approach. Explorations in Economic History, 39(2): 255-263.

Jahan, I., Bologna Pavlik, J. & Williams, R. B. (2020). Is the Devil in the Shadow? The Effect of Institutional Quality on Income. Review of Development Economics, 24(4): 1463-1483.

Bologna Pavlik, J. & Wagner, G. A. (2020). Patent Intensity and Concentration: The Effect of Institutional Quality on MSA Patent Activity. Papers in Regional Science, 99(4): 857-898.

Bologna Pavlik, J., Hall, J.C. & Ross, A. (2020). Laissez Faire Economic Policy in a World Where Gender Income Gaps Exist: Helping or Hurting? Journal of Economics, Race, and Policy, 3: 144-158.

Bologna Pavlik, J. & Young, A. T. (2020). Medieval European Traditions in Representation and State Capacity Today. Economics of Governance, 21: 133-186.

Working Papers

Bologna Pavlik, J., Powell, B., & Young, A. T. (Working Paper). Does Aid Cause Changes in Economic Freedom?

Lee, H.J., Hudson, D. & Bologna Pavlik, J. (Working Paper). Estimating the Impact of Wired Broadband Deployment on Rural Areas in Puerto Rico.

Bologna Pavlik, J. & Ross, A. (Working Paper). Resource Shocks, Corruption, and Local Business in Africa.

Bologna Pavlik, J. (Working Paper). Access to Information Laws and Voter Behavior: Does Transparency Increase Participation?

Bologna Pavlik, J. & Ferreira Neto, A. B. (Working Paper). Does Corruption Impact the Informal-Formal Sector Income Gap? Evidence from Brazil.

Bologna Pavlik, J., Grier, R. M. & Grier, K. B. (Working Paper). Corruption & The Wealth of Nations.

Bologna Pavlik, J. & Zhou, Z. (Working Paper). Are Historic Districts A Backdoor for Segregation? Yes and No.

Batinti, A., Bologna Pavlik, J. & Zhou, Z. (Working Paper). The Economic Impact of a Major Corruption Scandal in China: The Case of Heilongjiang.

Desierto, D. & Bologna Pavlik, J. (Working Paper). Bribe-Switching.


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