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The Free Market Institute has launched its Research Paper Series in the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). The series includes working research papers authored by faculty, staff, and graduate students affiliated with the Institute.

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FMI Scholars Contribute to a COVID-19 Symposium Published in Southern Economic Journal

Symposium: The Political Economy of the COVID‐19 Pandemic
Peter Boettke and Benjamin Powell
The authors introduce a symposium, which seeks to analyze the political economy and institutional environments that lead to governmental policy responses, all over the world, that are inconsistent with recommendations from standard welfare economics.

The Federal Reserve's Response to the COVID‐19 Contraction: An Initial Appraisal
Nicolás Cachanosky, Bryan P. Cutsinger, Thomas L. Hogan, William J. Luther, and Alexander W. Salter
The authors summarize and evaluate the Fed's monetary and emergency lending policies through the end of 2020. They credit the Fed with promoting monetary stability while maintaining it could have achieved something approximating monetary stability withouth employing its emergency lending facilities. The authors argue some of its facilities were unwarranted and unwise as they primarily intended to allocate credit blurring the line between monetary and fiscal policy. 

Read all the Symposium papers in the Southern Economic Journal, Volume 87, Issue 4.

Southern Economic Journal, Volume 87, Issue 4


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