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Democracy: Philosophy, Politics, and Economics — Fall 2024

The theme for the fall 2024 reading program is Democracy: Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. Participants will explore both classic and contemporary debates about what democracy is, what it can be, and what it should be.

Does democracy lead to better policy or make its citizens more virtuous? What are the best defenses and critiques of democracy? Is democracy in crisis, and if so, what can be done about it? What are the duties of democratic citizens?

Participants will receive a set of readings that will provide a foundation for the discussions to address these and other questions of importance to the program theme. Readings will include copies of Democracy: A Guided Tour (2023) by Jason Brennan, Justice by Means of Democracy (2023) by Danielle Allen, and Why It's OK to Ignore Politics (2020) by Christopher Freiman. The schedule of readings and topics of discussion can be found on this page when that information becomes available.

The group will meet weekly throughout the semester for Socratic-style discussion. Meetings will take place in person on the Texas Tech University campus during the fall 2024 semester on Tuesday evenings from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM (location TBD). The program will begin with an Introductory Session on Tuesday, August 27, 2024.

Undergraduate students from any field of study, who have a full-time enrollment status at Texas Tech University, are eligible and encouraged to apply.

Applications are now being accepted for the fall 2024 semester. Interested students may apply for an invitation to participate at the following link:

Political Economy Reading Program Application — Fall 2024

If you have questions regarding the Political Economy Reading Program, or if you would like to be included in the FMI Student Programs email distribution list, please contact the Free Market Institute at free.market@ttu.edu or 806.742.7138.

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More general information about the program and application process can be found on the Political Economy Reading Program page.

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