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The Free Market Institute (FMI) Research Workshop exposes graduate students, faculty, staff and other university colleagues to working research related to free market economics and other topics of interest. It is a "workshop" for work in progress that is not yet under consideration by scholarly journals. FMI faculty, research staff and graduate students, other Texas Tech University faculty members and visiting scholars deliver seminar presentations.

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Spring 2024 

    • January 19 — Unpacking Transaction Costs in the Prior Appropriation System: New Evidence from a Century of Irrigator Decisions – Katherine Wright, Senior Researcher, Property and Environment Research Center
    • January 26 — Echo Chambers, Business, and the Good Life – Gregory Robson, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Iowa State University
    • February 2 — The Political Economy of State Economic Development: A Path to Unproductive Entrepreneurship – Peter Calcagno, Professor of Economics, College of Charleston
    • February 9 — Philanthropy, Ostromian Governance and Institutional Analysis – Malavika Nair, International Visiting Scholar, Texas Tech University
    • February 16 — Bigness Alone is NOT an Offense: Antitrust Forces Market Failure – Michael Munger, Professor of Political Science, Duke University
    • February 23 — Regulation and the Capital Structure: Implications for Growth and Inequality – Gurumani Manish, International Visiting Scholar, Texas Tech University
    • March 1 — You Work For Us Now: Concentration in University-Performed Defense R&D – Chandler Reilly, Assistant Professor of Economics, Metropolitan State University of Denver
    • March 22 — Social Norm Obedience and the Gender Competitiveness Gap – Daniel Houser, Professor of Economics, George Mason University
    • March 29 — A Message to You Rudy: 2 Tone and Social Entrepreneurship – Nicholas Snow, Tom and Anne Walsh Professor of Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Wabash College
    • April 12 — The Proto-Coasean Insights of Bernard Mandeville – Daniel D'Amico, Director, Stephenson Institute for Classical Liberalism, Wabash College
    • April 19— The Problem of the Common School – Catherine Pakaluk, Associate Professor of Social Research and Economic Thought, The Catholic University of America
    • April 26 — Constitutional Change among American Indian Tribes – Ennio Piano, Assistant Professor of Economics, Middle Tennessee State University

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