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The Free Market Institute (FMI) Research Workshop exposes graduate students, faculty, staff and other university colleagues to working research related to free market economics and other topics of interest. It is a "workshop" for work in progress that is not yet under consideration by scholarly journals. FMI faculty, research staff and graduate students, other Texas Tech University faculty members and visiting scholars deliver seminar presentations.

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Fall 2022 

    • August 26 — Segregation Legacies: Coercion, Resistance, and the Geography of Indigenous Enclaves in Mexico — Jenny Guardado Rodriguez, Assistant Professor, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University
    • September 9 — Laissez-Faire Democracy? — Christopher Freiman, Associate Professor of Philosophy, College of William & Mary
    • September 16 — The Fractured-Land Hypothesis — Mark Koyama, Associate Professor of Economics, George Mason University
    • September 23 — Noxious Government Markets: Evidence From the International Arms Trade — Christopher Coyne, Professor of Economics, George Mason University
    • September 30 — Machine Gun Politics: Why Politicians Cooperate with Criminal Groups — Jessie Trudeau, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Center for Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, Brown University
    • October 14 — (Coase)a Nostra — Henry Thompson, Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Mississippi
    • October 21 — Languages, Ideologies, and Collective Action Problems — Yang Zhou, Assistant Professor of Economics, University of North Texas
    • November 4 — Democracy, Dictatorship, and the Monetary  Commons — Bryan Cutsinger, Assistant Professor of Economics, Angelo State University
    • November 11 — Identification of Right-Wing Extremist Discourse and Its Effects on Political Violence: A Case Study on Parler — David Muchlinski, Assistant Professor of International Affairs, Georgia Institute of Technology
    • December 2 — Measuring Constitutional Textual Entrenchment and Long Run Associated Outcomes — Eric Alston, Faculty Director, Hernando de Soto Capital Markets Program, University of Colorado Boulder

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