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History Commencement Speech

The History Department's Carie Nguyen, PhD, gave the student commencement speech at the August 2022 Commencement

Dr. Jorge Iber

Dr. Jorge Iber chronicles the life of Gabriel Rivera in his book, Señor Sack:

Dr. Daniella McCahey

Dr. Daniella McCahey talks research on British Empire and Antarctica.

Chi Ha

Graduate student Chi Ha and her journey from Vietnam to Texas Tech.

Alumnus, Thomas Reynolds

Alumnus and Teacher-Extraordinaire, Thomas Reynolds.

Student, Thaddeus Turner

Why Thaddeus Turner chose history.

Dr. Ron Milam

Dr. Ron Milam in new documentary on Vietnam War memorials:

Texas Tech History on C-SPAN

Texas Tech historians featured on the C-SPAN Cities Tour.

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