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History Donation Designations

Below are the designations that have been created for the Department of History to provide scholarships and endowments to students and the department. Click each header to learn more about the designation and to find a direct link to give to that specific scholarship or endowment. 

We thank you advance for your support and generosity. 

History Department Fund for Excellence

This is the general fund for History, with funds being given to be used in a discrecionary matter by the department. 

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Alwyn and Nancy Barr Dissertation Writing Endowment

The Alwyn & Nancy Barr Dissertation Writing Endowment shall be used to support a doctoral candidate in the Department of History.

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Blaisdell European History Scholarship Endowment

Giving link for this endowment is coming soon. 

Charles L. Wood Lecture Series in History Endowment

For guest lecturers in the Department of History who will speak on subjects that most interested Charles L. Wood, including ranching, agriculture, and the west.

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Clint and Siva Chambers Scholarship Endowment

The scholarship will be awarded by the Department of History for undergraduate or graduate students majoring in History and studying U.S. History of the West or the History of Southeast Asia.

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David and Winifred Vigness Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Awarded to an outstanding student in American or Latin American History with special consideration given to student of Southwestern, Texas and Mexican History. The award is based upon merit only and financial need is not to be considered. The amount of the award will equal the total of annual earnings from the Endowment.

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Dr. Idris R. Traylor, Jr. Scholarship for Continental European History Endowment

For providing a scholarship to a graduate student in History specializing in Continental European History. The funds may be used for study at TTU or to conduct research in Europe. Scholarship recipients shall be selected by the Department of History Scholarship Committee. 

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Drs. Otto Nelson and Allan Kuethe Graduate Scholarship Endowment

This endowment will be used to support graduate students in the Department of History.

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Ernest Wallace Memorial Fellowship Endowment

This will be awarded to graduate students working toward the completion of their thesis or dissertation in History.

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Ethan A. Schmidt Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Eligible to any TTU undergraduate students with at least a 3.0 GPA who has taken a minimum of one history course at Texas Tech and can convey appreciation and understanding of the importance of history in a 200 word essay.

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James and Phyllis Pipkin Scholarship Endowment

This scholarship is being established in the College of A&S Department of History for undergraduate student(s) majoring in History. Scholarship awardee(s) should be chosen based on merit and have outstanding work ethic. Student(s) will be selected by the History Department scholarship selection committee. 

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John M. Howe Annual Lecture Series

Lawrence L. and Louise Graves Scholarship Endowment

The income from the endowment shall provide funding for the scholarships. Scholarships will be awarded annually to graduate and undergraduate students majoring in History and having a grade point average of 3.0 or above. These awards will be based on scholastic ability; financial need may be considered, although it need not be paramount in the selection. Recipients are to be selected by the Executive committee of the Department of History.

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Maxine Durrett Earl Charitable Foundation Scholarship in History

Oscar A. Kinchen Scholarship Endowment in History

An endowed scholarship has been established by friends and family in memory of Dr. Oscar Kinchen. The scholarship shall be for undergraduate or graduate students who are history majors, preferably with an interest in British or Canadian history. The student must have a GPA of 3.0 and financial need to be considered. The recipient shall be made by a committee which includes the British historians and the Executive Committee of the Department of History at Texas Tech University.

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Paul and Alta Cates Scholarship Endowment In History

The scholarship shall be awarded by the Department of History Committee to entering freshmen that have met the University's minimum SAT/ACT Requirement, have shown leadership in their school or community, and receive recommendation from their high school principal or counselor.

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Paul H. and Ellen Carlson Fellowship Endowment

This fellowship is being established in the Department of History in the College of Arts & Sciences to be used for funding a graduate student working on a thesis or dissertation topically related to the American West, with special consideration given to a student utilizing resources through the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library. 

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Rachel E. Hudson European Studies Scholarship Endowment

The scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate or graduate student who is studying European and/or Imperial history with a minimum overall GPA of 3.25 and a minimum GPA in history course study of 3.5. The money should be used for tuition, books, or costs incurred for research (copies, travel, fees, etc.)

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Robert A. Hayes Latin American History Scholarship Endowment

Will be used for undergraduate or graduate history students with an interest in Latin American history. Scholarship recipients will be selected by the History Department Executive Committee and shall be based on both academic achievement and financial need. Should Latin American history as such cease to be part of the curriculum of the History Department or the History Department of the Executive Committee cease to exist, the appropriate authorities may make substitute use of the funds. 

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Seth Shepard McKay Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Earning to provide scholarships to graduate or doctoral students writing theses in Texas History. Selection is based on character, academic achievement, ability to write well, the quality of the initial research, and the potential contribution of the theses. The amount is variable.

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W. B. and Mozelle Rushing Scholarship in History Endowment

Scholarships are to be awarded to undergraduate students as selected by the Dean of each college and the scholarship committee of the Department of History.

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