Texas Tech University

Constitution: History Graduate Student Organization (HGSO)


Section I: Mission Statement

  1. To give graduate students a more clear and defined voice within the history department;
  2. To create an all-inclusive organization, where all students affiliated with the department have a place to voice yahoo concerns (MA, PhD, funded and unfunded)
  3. To foster professional development among graduate students through workshops, seminars, colloquiums, and other developmental activities;
  4. To facilitate communication between the graduate students and the faculty;
  5. To promote an atmosphere that will strengthen bonds between graduate history students, and will help us complete our journey, as individuals and historians.

Section II: Definition of Members

  1. Open to any graduate student enrolled the graduate history program at Texas Tech University or currently enrolled in a graduate-level history course.
  2. Non-major students are encouraged to participate but may not vote in elections or general meetings.


Section I: President - Duties

  1. To organize and officiate meetings;
  2. Must not commit the organization to any course of action without approval by majority vote of the organization;
  3. To work in conjunction with the treasurer in all matters regarding the finances of the organization;
    1. Shall always be the second signer on checks;
    2. Shall assist treasurer in creating the budget;
  4. Shall be responsible for communication with Student Government Association and any other external entities.

Section II: Vice President - Duties

  1. To organize and supervise committees;
  2. To ensure quorum has been met during official meetings, as defined in Article III, Section I of this constitution;
  3. Any other duties assigned by the executive council.

Section III: Secretary/Treasurer - Duties

  1. To keep minutes at all meetings;
    1. minutes must be posted within one week of meeting.
  2. To keep and maintain contact information of all history graduate students
    1. responsible for communication of the organization with its members.
  3. To keep track of all financial records;
  4. To create yearly budget to be approved by majority vote by HGSO and then submitted to Student Government Association in conjunction with the president.

Section IV: Student Representatives (two students) – Duties

  1. Shall be responsible for presenting adjudicated business to the department.
  2. Shall communicate with the faculty on upcoming meetings and shall attend any and all department meetings as needed
  3. Shall report information from said meetings to the executive council and organization.
  4. One representative must attend the SGA SOAC meetings.
  5. Must not commit the organization to any course of action without approval by majority vote of the organization.

Section V: Executive Council

  1. Consists of president, vice-president, secretary/treasurer, and student representatives;
  2. Must meet on a regular basis as needed.

Section VI: Qualifications for Officers

  1. Must be a registered history graduate student.
  2. Must have completed at least 9 hours of graduate coursework at Texas Tech University, all of which must be in history.
  3. Must maintain a 3.5 GPA and demonstrate academic progress as defined by the university.
  4. At least one of the student representatives must be a funded Teaching Assistant or Graduate Part Time Instructor.
  5. No student may serve more than three terms as an officer and no more than two terms in any one position.
  6. Officers may not serve simultaneously as an officer in Phi Alpha Theta;
  7. All officers shall uphold the integrity of the organization at all times.

Section VII: Faculty Advisor

  1. Shall be nominated by HGSO members during the spring semester;
    • Any faculty nominated can accept or reject a nomination.
  2. Members shall vote on faculty advisor in officer elections during the spring semester;
  3. Shall be elected for one-year term;
    • May serve as Faculty Advisor for as many terms as elected to, but may not serve more than two consecutive terms in a row.
  4. Shall oversee HGSO elections electronically;
  5. Shall meet all requirements as prescribed by Student Government Association;
  6. May not simultaneously serve as Phi Alpha Theta advisor.
  7. May not be nominated or awarded Faculty Member of the Year during terms of service with HGSO.

Section VIII: Disciplinary Action and Removal from Office

Any of the following may be cause for removal from office:
  1. Dereliction of duties as outlined in this constitution.
  2. On recommendation of the organization's faculty advisor.
  3. Misappropriation of funds.
  4. Disrespectful behavior towards faculty and other students.
Steps for Removal
  1. Formal charges must be presented to faculty advisor in writing, who will notify highest officers not charged.
  2. A disciplinary council will be called by highest officer not included in charges.
    1. Ten day notice will be given to all members of date of disciplinary council.
    2. A quorum of twelve (12) history graduate students must be in attendance for any actions to be binding.
    3. A three-fourths majority must be met for binding action.
    4. During council, evidence will be presented to members and the accused will have the right to present their defense.
    5. A member of the executive council shall be assigned to take minutes of the disciplinary council and post them within in one week.
  3. Punishment: automatic removal from office and may include probation and/or loss of voting privileges for up to one calendar year, as prescribed by the organization during the disciplinary council.


Section I: General Meetings

  1. One week notification via email to all members required for all general meetings.
  2. Quorum shall be set at twelve (12) people for all general meetings where resolutions are passed or on recommendation of president.
  3. Must hold three general meetings per normal academic semester.
  4. Meetings will be conducted using Robert's Rules of order.
  5. Alcohol use shall be prohibited at all general meetings.

Section II: Referendums

  1. A referendum can be called by petition of twelve (12) members.
  2. The petition must be submitted to the executive council and to the faculty advisor.
  3. A general meeting must be called within one week of receipt of petition.

Section III: Social Meetings

  1. Shall be organized and planned as needed;
  2. No binding business may be done at social meetings.
  3. Shall conform to all university standards and current procedures regarding alcohol.

Section IV: Elections

  1. Must be held each April.
  2. Terms begin and end at graduate spring graduation.
  3. Elections will be overseen by faculty advisor.
  4. Nominations will be held during the first week of April.
  5. Elections must be held open for seven (7) calendar days.
  6. Ballots will be anonymously submitted to the faculty advisor through email.
  7. All ballots must be sent via an official Texas Tech University email account.

Section V: Special Elections

  1. Held as needed due to vacant officer positions.
  2. Follow normal election procedures within ten (10) business days.
  3. In case of vacancy in the executive council, temporarily vice president succeeds president, and secretary/treasurer succeeds vice-president, and one student representative will be selected by the executive committee to serve as treasurer.


Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the age discrimination Act of 1975 prohibits discrimination on the bases of race, national origin, creed, age, sex, marital status and disability in student organizations on campuses throughout the nation.


  1. Committees will be called at the discretion of the vice-president.
  2. Chair of committees must be appointed by vice-president and approved by the executive council.


Any amendments to this constitution must be passed with a three-fourths vote with a quorum of twelve (12) members.