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Welcome to The Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences. We celebrate 50+ years of continued quality curriculum development for family and consumer sciences educators.

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Online Curriculum

Online Curriculum

As the only curriculum center in the nation specializing in the development of curriculum materials for family and consumer sciences, our staff works to support educators with a broad range of resources: online, print, multimedia, and professional development training. We understand the complexities of education that FCS educators face today. Your hard work in the classroom inspires us to create curricula that keep you at the top of your game. All 36 online curricula follow the same format allowing for easier navigation from lesson to lesson. We provide you with all of the elements needed to make lessons rigorous and relevant to your classes.

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Todays Life Skills

Diana Ketterman is a mental health educator, speaker, and author. Dianna believes that everyone deals with depression and anxiety at some point in life and has written two books to help educators reach students.

Behind the Mask: Dealing with Anger, Grief, and Rejection is a workbook for ages 13 to adult. The lessons are targeted as a high school curriculum to be used across the board for all students. The purpose is to help students learn the importance of being authentic with others and themselves. It teaches the reader to identify what it is they need, and how to ask for help in getting their needs met.

Making Sense of Me contains 13 lessons for teachers and parents to begin the conversation about our environment, senses, memories, emotions, and thoughts. These lessons are targeted to children ages 7-13.

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Todays Life Skills

Some things do not change. There may be new courses, new standards, and new students - but the fundamentals of family and consumer sciences remain rock solid.

The materials in Today's Life Skills can be incorporated into a variety of courses, or they can be used for youth groups or any population needing basic life skills.

Each module found in the eight units includes background information for the teacher, teaching strategies organized by age of audience, learning activities and answers, and reproducible teaching aids. The accompanying CD includes PowerPoint slides for each unit. No. 1097......$45.00

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Todays Life Skills

Wait, How Do I Write This Email? is a must-have resource for high school students!

Communications expert, Danny Rubin, provides more than 100 critical email/document templates for networking, the job search and LinkedIn in this comprehensive guide. $16.99

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If you haven't invested in the CCFCS online curriculum you are missing the opportunity to give your students a technology-rich and rigorous curriculum. The online program is easy to use and has a tremendous amount of ready-to-use slide presentations and handouts. I would never have had the time to research all the relevant websites that are referenced or hyperlinked while trying to implement our new courses. For me - a huge bang for my buck. 
- Sharon Pelzel, Aubrey High School
I just wanted to let you know that I have been using the online curriculum on a very regular basis. I have found the lessons to be interesting and thorough. I like that the handouts and materials are ready to print and use. It's very convenient to have power points, especially for my students who have modifications and need to listen and view the info and not write it down. 
- Linda Corbell, Del Rio High School
Thank you! Love this curriculum - excited I have something for Counseling and Mental Health class! 
- Carolyn Schlueter, Azle High School.
I couldn't have made it through the year without your online curriculum. 
- Edith Bujnoch, Premont ISD



The CTE Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Chapter 127 and Chapter 130, implemented in 2017-2018, are available at CTE Texas

In addition, course crosswalks showing the correlation between the 2010 adopted TEKS currently in use and the 2015 adopted TEKS are also available.

Revised Training Plan Agreements for Career Preparation and Practicum Courses

TEA has posted a revised Paid Training Plan Agreement form and a revised Unpaid Training Plan Agreement form on the CTE Web page. The TEA Program Monitoring and Interventions (PMI) Division recommended a change to the current form in order to insure that local education agencies were in compliance with federal directives from the Office of Civil Rights (OCR). The changes affect the non-discrimination statements on the form.

It is not necessary to replace any training agreements that are currently in effect and that were developed using the previous training plan form, but districts are encouraged to use the new form from this time forward. The updated form shows a revision date of 11/2015.

If the school is using some other type of training contract, memorandum of understanding (MOU), or group training plan it is important that the language from the training plan agreement non-discrimination statements be included in any such document. Questions? Contact TEA's  CTE Team:cte@tea.texas.gov.

CTE 101

The CTE 101: Career and Technical Education course has returned to the Texas Gateway. This course provides an overview of Career and Technical Education in Texas and how it is implemented at the state and local levels.

Teachers who are not certified in CTE and have been assigned to teach one of the CTE courses for mathematics or science credit may complete CTE 101. CTE-certified teachers may complete CTE 101, but it is not a requirement. 

Visit txgateway@tea.texas.gov for more information.

REMINDER: Teachers assigned to teach a CTE course that meets graduation requirements for math or science must meet HOUSE (high objective uniform standard of evaluation) requirements for NCLB.

Pre-Professional Assessment and Certification

AAFCS has expanded its portfolio and is very pleased to announce the addition of a professional assessment and certification for Personal and Family Finance Educators! For more about the professional assessments and certifications, visit AAFCS.

For information regarding the AAFCS Pre-Professional Assessment and Certification (Pre-PAC) Management System visit the website at AAFCS and click on "Testing Procedures and Forms."

Join the excitement! Be on the cutting edge – utilize Pre-PAC to empower and recognize students and programs in your state!

Notice of Non-Discrimination