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Our Philosophy

The CCFCS philosophy driving our digital curriculum is to provide the teacher with numerous instructional strategies per unit of instruction. Instead of delivering rote lessons, we feel our strategies, which are "chunks" of lesson plans, can be organized according to the teaching style of the educator. With the variety, the teacher can select the best strategies to meet the needs of the learning situation, including multiple strategies to differentiate the learning process. This philosophy better serves everyone since teachers can adapt to their ever-fluid student population.

About Our Digital Curriculum

With one membership, the teacher can access instructional strategies, digital assets like PowerPoints®, fillable PDFs, editable rubrics, Google Docs, Google Slides, links to quality internet resources and videos, and community networking within the platform - empowering the teacher to engage students in active learning. 

Our digital curricula are organized by broad topics with units of instruction. Each unit contains multiple instructional strategies with varying approaches. We also provide indications of strategies that connect to FCCLA and Educators Rising, as well as strategies that integrate the content of core academic areas such as Math, Science, Social Studies, and English Language Arts. 

Additionally, no student access or licenses are needed because all supporting student materials are provided within each strategy.

  • Based on the objectives of the National Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences and the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills.
  • Organized so the teacher is assured that all students' essential skills have been developed.
  • Labeled for FCS National and Texas standards; Pre-PAC correlation; FCCLA and TAFE correlation; type of activity; correlation to language arts, math, science, and social studies objectives; student technology usage; and additional resources.
  • Hyperlinked so supporting materials are easily accessed.
  • It is formatted consistently for ease of use.
  • It is accessed easily via a desktop computer or mobile device, internet connection, and standard programs such as Word, PowerPoint®, and Adobe Reader.

Student materials are:

  • Designed to elicit students' active involvement in learning.
  • Formatted so that teaching aids are perfect for face-to-face or online classroom use.

Sample Our Curriculum

Digital Curriculum Descriptions

Interior Design

Interior Design

374 Activities/Instructional Strategies

Item Number: 1805

ISBN: 978-1-953248-01-5

Interior Design is a technical course that addresses psychological, physiological, and sociological needs of individuals by enhancing the environments in which they live and work. Students will use knowledge and skills related to interior and exterior environments, construction, and furnishings to make wise consumer decisions, increase productivity, promote sustainability, and compete in industry.

Fashion Design

Fashion Design I & Lab 

360/137= 497 Activities/Instructional Strategies

Item Number: 1808

ISBN: 978-1-953248-02-2

Careers in fashion span all aspects of the textile and apparel industries.  This course helps students develop an understanding of the fashion industry; namely design and construction of products that meet the needs of consumers.  FD I & Lab focuses on the connection between fibers, fabrics, fit, construction techniques, and care of textiles.

Fashion Design II & Lab/Practicum & Extended Practicum in Fashion Design

131/237=374 Activities/Instructional Strategies

Item Number: 1809

ISBN:  978-1-953248-03-9

Careers in fashion span all aspects of the textile and apparel industries. FD II & Lab with Practicum and Extended Practicum extends the design, construction, and textile experiences of FD I & Lab to explore this industry as a career opportunity.  The areas of employment analysis and development of apparel and textile products for specific consumer markets are emphasized, using field projects to increase student knowledge of the business aspects of fashion design, such as consumer behavior analysis, marketing principles, and socially ethical fashion choices.

Education and Training

Child Development

462 Activities/Instructional Strategies

Item Number: 1823

ISBN: 978-1-953248-16-9

Child Development is a course that addresses knowledge and skills related to child growth and development from prenatal through school-age children, equipping students with child development skills. Students use these skills to promote the well-being and healthy development of children and investigate careers related to the care and education of children.

Child Guidance

286 Activities/Instructional Strategies

Item Number: 1824

ISBN: 978-1-953248-17-6

The Education and Training Career Cluster helps prepare individuals for employment in careers relating to education and training. Child Guidance is a laboratory course that focuses on technical knowledge and skills in the field of child growth and guidance.

Child Development Associate Foundations

652 TBA Activities/Iinstructional Strategies

Item Number: 1812

ISBN: 978-1-953248-29-9

The Education and Training Career Cluster focuses on the planning, managing, and providing of education and training services and related learning support services. This is a laboratory course that introduces students to the Child Development Associate Competency Standards. Students will gain knowledge on the requirements to meet the nationally recognized CDA credential.

Communication and Technology in Education

243 Activities/Instructional Strategies

Item Number: 1821

ISBN: 978-1-953248-30-5

This is an extended course of study that focuses on the fundamentals of the Education and Training Career Cluster. This course emphasizes the professional responsibility of technology use in a classroom and students will gain knowledge of the pedagogical justification and laws regarding education technology.

Principles of Education and Training

209 Activities/Instructional Strategies

Item Number: 1813

ISBN: 978-1-953248-06-0

The Education and Training Career Cluster focuses on the planning, managing, and providing of education and training services and related learning support services.  This course introduces students to the various careers available in the field of education and provides the opportunity for students to analyze those careers as they develop a graduation plan specific to individual interest areas.

Human Growth and Development

596 Activities/Instructional Strategies

Item Number: 1810

ISBN: 978-1-953248-04-6

Human Growth and Development is an examination of human development from before birth throughout the lifespan.  This course focuses on the research and theoretical side of human development, as well as the physical, cognitive, and social development of humans.

Instructional Practices/Practicum & Extended Practicum in Education and Training

407 Activities/Instructional Strategies

Item Number: 1811

ISBN: 978-1-953248-05-3

Instructional Practices is a field-based (practicum) internship that provides students with background knowledge of child and adolescent development as well as principles of effective teaching and training practices. Students work under the joint direction and supervision of both a teacher with knowledge of early childhood, middle childhood, and adolescence education and exemplary educators or trainers in direct instructional roles with elementary-, middle school-, and high school-aged students. Students learn to plan and direct individualized instruction and group activities, prepare instructional materials, develop materials for educational environments, assist with record keeping, and complete other responsibilities of teachers, trainers, paraprofessionals, or other educational personnel.


Hospitality and Tourism

Principles of Hospitality and Tourism 

233 Activities/Instructional Strategies

Item Number: 1820

ISBN: 978-1-953248-15-2

Principles of Hospitality and Tourism introduces students to the industry that includes lodging, travel, tourism, and recreation—including food and beverage operations.  Additionally, students will focus on skills needed in this industry such as communication, customer service, and management.  The history and employment opportunities of Hospitality and Tourism are also covered in this course.

Introduction to Culinary Arts

352 Activities/Instructional Strategies

Item Number: 1816

ISBN: 978-1-953248-12-1 

Management, marketing, and operations of food service establishments is the focus of the Hospitality and Tourism Career Clusters.  Intro to Culinary Arts will introduce the principles of food production, industry management, and hospitality skills.  Additionally, students will learn the principles of planning, organizing, staffing, and directing the management of food service operations in classroom and laboratory-based learning.

Culinary Arts 

430 Activities/Instructional Strategies

Item Number: 1814

ISBN: 978-1-953248-10-7

Culinary Arts begins with the fundamentals and principles of the art of cooking and the science of baking and includes management and production skills and techniques. Students can pursue a national sanitation certification or other appropriate industry certifications. This course is offered as a laboratory-based course.

Food Science 

307 Activities/Instructional Strategies

Item Number: 1815

ISBN: 978-1-953248-11-4

Food Science is the study of the chemical nature of foods, what causes deterioration, food processing principles, and how food chemistry affects the consuming public.  In this course, students will conduct laboratory and field investigations, using scientific inquiry methods, to make informed decisions and problem solve.

Hospitality and Tourism Management: Hotel Management; Restaurant Management; Travel and Tourism Management 

471 Activities/Instructional Strategies

Item Number: 1817

ISBN: 978-1-953248-13-8

This course focuses on the various aspects of hotel management, hospitality services, and travel and tourism management.  Students will study lodging industry departments within a hotel such as front desk, food and beverage, housekeeping, maintenance, human resources, and accounting, as well as management principles and procedures, destination geography, airlines, international travel, cruising, travel by rail, lodging, recreation, amusements, attractions, and resorts. This course will incorporate professional communication, leadership, management, human resources, technology, and accounting. Instruction may be delivered through laboratory training or through internships, mentoring, or job shadowing.

Practicum in Culinary Arts & Practicum in Hospitality Services 

572 Activities/Instructional Strategies

Item Number: 1818

ISBN: 978-1-953248-14-5

Practicum in Culinary Arts & Hospitality Services is a unique combination of practicums that provides occupationally specific opportunities for students to participate in a learning experience that combines classroom instruction with actual business and industry career experiences .Both Practicum in Culinary Arts and Practicum in Hospitality Services integrate academic and career and technical education; provide more interdisciplinary instruction; and support strong partnerships among schools, businesses, and community institutions with the goal of preparing students with a variety of skills in a fast-changing workplace. Students in this course are taught employability skills to prepare for college and career success, which include job-specific skills applicable to their training plan, job interview techniques, communication skills, financial and budget activities, human relations, and portfolio development.

Human Services

Principles of Human Services 

373 Activities/Instructional Strategies

Item Number: 1834

ISBN: 978-1-953248-23-7

The Human Services Career Cluster prepares individuals for employment in the fields of counseling and mental health, family and community services, personal care, and consumer services.  Principles for Human Services is a laboratory-based course for students to investigate careers in the Human Services Career Cluster.  It includes the fields above as well as early childhood development and employment skills necessary for these high-demand careers.

Counseling and Mental Health

289 Activities/Instructional Strategies

Item Number: 1827

ISBN: 978-1-953248-18-3

This course prepares individuals for employment in the Human Services Career Cluster pathway in the field of counseling and mental health services.  Students will model the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a counseling or mental health services career by participating in extended learning experiences.

Dollars and Sense 

358 Activities/Instructional Strategies

Item Number: 1828

ISBN: 978-069-2063-262

Dollars and Sense is a course designed to be interactive and focuses on building a foundation of consumer practices and responsibilities, money-management processes, decision-making skills, impact of technology, and preparation for college and careers.  Students will analyze decisions regarding earning, spending, investing, borrowing, and insuring.  Knowledge gained in this course effects students individually and as economic citizens. NOTE: This curriculum is listed on the Texas State Adopted Textbook List for the Financial Literacy component for Social Studies and is EMAT purchase eligible!

Family and Community Services 

190 Activities/Instructional Strategies

Item Number: 1829

ISBN: 978-1-953248-19-0

The Human Services Career Cluster focuses on preparing individuals for employment in careers including family and community services.  This course is laboratory based and designed to involve students in realistic community-based activities through service-learning experiences.

Interpersonal Studies 

254 Activities/Instructional Strategies

Item Number: 1830

ISBN: 978-1-953248-20-6

This course examines how the relationships between individuals and among family members significantly affect the quality of life. Students use knowledge and skills in family studies and human development to enhance personal development, foster quality relationships, promote wellness of family members, manage multiple adult roles, and pursue careers related to counseling and mental health services.

Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness 

292 Activities/Instructional Strategies

Item Number: 1832

ISBN: 978-1-953248-21-3

Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness is a laboratory course that promotes lifelong, healthy living with an understanding and academic knowledge of wellness as a lifestyle, exercise and fitness, nutrition, and consumer products and services. Emphasis is placed on implementing healthy nutritional choices, developing a fitness/wellness plan, integrating science principles as related to nutrition, practicing wise consumer decisions and careers.

Practicum & Extended Practicum in Human Services

256 Activities/Instructional Strategies

Item Number: 1833

ISBN: 978-1-953248-22-0

The Practicum and Extended Practicum in Human Sciences course provides background knowledge and occupation-specific training that emphasizes careers that target family and community services, such as counseling and mental health, personal care services, and consumer services.

Career Development/Middle School

Investigating Careers 

168 Activities/Instructional Strategies

Item Number: 1801

ISBN: 978-1-953248-07-7 

The goal of this course is to create a foundation for success in high school, future studies, and careers such as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; Business and Industry; Public Service; Arts and Humanities; and Multidisciplinary Studies. The students research labor market information, learn job-seeking skills, and create documents required for employment. Career and technical education instruction provides content aligned with challenging academic standards and relevant technical knowledge and skills for students to further their education and succeed in current or emerging professions.

College and Career Readiness 

229 Activities/Instructional Strategies

Item Number: 1802

ISBN: 978-1-953248-08-4 

This course is designed to guide students through the process of investigation and in the development of a college and career readiness achievement plan. The career development process is unique to every person and evolves throughout one's life. Students will use decision-making and problem-solving skills for college and career planning. Students will explore valid, reliable educational and career information to learn more about themselves and their interests and abilities. Students integrate skills from academic subjects, information technology, and interpersonal communication to make informed decisions.

Career Development/High School

Career Preparation I & II & Extended Career Preparation 

386 Activities/Instructional Strategies

Item Number: 1803

ISBN: 978-1-953248-09-1

Career Preparation I, II and Extended Career Preparation provide opportunities for students to participate in a work-based learning experience that combine classroom instruction with business and industry employment experiences. The goal of these courses is to prepare students with a variety of skills for a changing workplace. Career preparation is relevant and rigorous, supports student attainment of academic standards, and effectively prepares students for college and career success.

Innovative Course

Parenting for School-Aged Parents I & II 

418 Activities/Instructional Strategies

Item Number: 1842

ISBN: 978-1-953248-25-1

Parenting Education I and II is an innovative course designed around the perspective of the school-aged parent. Students will examine the roles and responsibilities of parenthood, healthy relationships, and prenatal health through childhood.  Also included in this course are family financial lessons and career preparation.


Additional Curriculum

Farm to Table

38+ Activities/Instructional Strategies

Item Number: 1838

ISBN: 978-1-953248-26-8

Farm to Table, focuses on six major areas: farmers markets as an entrepreneurial endeavor, ocean to table practices, sugar and honey production, gardening to produce food for culinary arts experiences, food science and sustainability, and proteins and dairy production. The goal of this curriculum is to expose students to different aspects of farm to table practices, and to allow them the opportunity to learn healthy sustainable eating. Includes current resources with engaging strategies and uses a project-based learning approach. Perfect supplement to culinary arts courses, Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness, and Food Science.

Leaders for Tomorrow

8 Topics with 47 Units of Instruction

Item Number: 1837

ISBN: 978-1-953248-24-4

Leaders for Tomorrow is the perfect supplement to any FCS course to build strong leaders. It is also a great resource for training your CTSO chapter officers. Topics include being a leader, decision making, effective communication, creating a team, ethical leadership, community leadership, applying leadership skills, and leadership in FCS. The course prepares students for the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Pre-PAC assessment and certification, Leadership Essentials.

Real Skills for Real Life

9 Topics with 45 Units of Instruction

Item Number: 1836

ISBN: 978-1-953248-27-5

Real Skills for Real Life is the perfect middle school curriculum! The curriculum contains more than enough strategies and projects to deliver an entire year of engaging instruction, or it can be organized for semester or six-week courses. Scope and sequence outlines are provided to easily configure a course based upon local needs.

Personal Financial Literacy and Economics

375 Activities/Instructional Strategies

Item Number: 1822

ISBN: 978-1-953248-32-9

This course will introduce microeconomics and macroeconomics and personal financial decision-making opportunities to students. Students will gain knowledge that will benefit them throughout their lifespan. This course requires students to demonstrate critical thinking by exploring financial topics and connecting financial decisions to the greater economy.


Digital Curriculum Membership Prices

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