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The CCFCS philosophy driving our digital curriculum is to provide the teacher with numerous instructional strategies per unit of instruction. Instead of providing rote lessons, we feel our strategies, which are "chunks" of lesson plans, can be organized according to the teaching style of the educator. With the variety, the teacher can select the best strategies to meet the needs of the learning situation, including multiple strategies to differentiate the learning process. This philosophy better serves everyone since teachers can adapt to their ever-fluid student population.

Our digital curriculum is organized by broad topics with units of instruction. Each unit contains multiple instructional strategies with varying approaches. All strategies include the learning objective, step-by-step instructions, downloadable supporting materials (student handouts, rubrics, editable PowerPoints), links to outside resources if relevant to the strategy, discussion questions, and the related standards. We also provide indications of strategies that connect to FCCLA and Educators Rising, as well as strategies that integrate the content of core academic areas such as Math, Science, Social Studies, and English Language Arts. Additionally, no student access or licenses are needed because all supporting student materials are provided within each strategy.

This year, we are delighted to bring you a fully online catalog with improved functionality and continued access to our wide range of products.

You can access the catalog via the following PDF file: CCFCS Online Catalog

If you have any additional questions, please email us at ccfcs@ttu.edu or call us at 806-742-3029.

Sample Curriculum

To experience our online curriculum:

1. Use the Blackboard login button on the Online Curriculum webpage linked above.

2. Username: sampleuser      Password: ccfcs

3. Click on "Courses" then the "CCFCS 1000 Sample Course" to explore!