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The Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I register for the FCS exam?
A: Information on registering for the FCS exam can be found on the AAFCS web site – This link is for Texas certificate seekers:  http://www.aafcs.org/CredentialingCenter/Texas.asp.

Q: Is there a study guide for the FCS exam?
A: A study guide is located on the AAFCS website, http://www.aafcs.org/CredentialingCenter/Texas.asp. Review of this study guide and completion of the sample examination items will help you assess your readiness for taking the National Family and Consumer Sciences Examination.

Q: Is there a practice test available for the FCS exam?
A: AAFCS provides a short sample of examination items on their web site. It is not intended to be used as a study guide, but is to familiarize candidates with the format, style, and structure of the items on the tests.

Q: How do I prepare or study for the FCS exam?
A: Some test takers find it helpful to correlate the domains covered in the exam to the TEKS from the occupational courses their test emphasizes. Looking over the domains and the correlated TEKS and deciding which area(s) you feel you need to study the most is a possible study plan. For those areas, read the chapters in the reference books. Once you have read these chapters, carefully read the "Chapter Highlights" from all the remaining chapters as a review. If you have recently graduated or are still completing your baccalaureate degree, review your course outlines, notes, and other materials that relate to the content of the examination.

Q: What topics/information is covered on the FCS exam?
A: The Family and Consumer Sciences Certified Composite Examination (200)is comprised of questions relevant to all eight domains. The FCS – Human Development and Family Studies Specialist Examination (201), or "HDFS Examination," is comprised of questions relevant to Domains 1, 2, and 3. The FCS – Hospitality, Nutrition, and Food Science Specialist Examination (202), or "HNFS Examination, is comprised of questions relevant to Domains 1, 4, and 5.

Q: What test should I take?
A: If you are seeking Texas certification, you should familiarize yourself with the Texas Education Agency website under Career and Technical Education Requirements, Career and Technical Education, http://tea.texas.gov/Texas_Educators/Certification/Career_and_Technical_Education_(CTE)/Career_and_Technical_Education/

Q: Are the Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences reference books (used to study for the exam) available anywhere other than the Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences?
A: The Curriculum Center for Family and Consumer Sciences is the producer and sole source provider of the following reference books included in the list of resources that may be used in preparation for the exam: Services for Older Adults; Child Care and Guidance, Management, and Services; Food Production, Management, and Services; Hospitality Services; Institutional Maintenance Management and Services; Textile and Apparel Production, Management, and Services; and Housing, Furnishings, and Equipment Production Management, and Services.

Q: Where and when can I take the FCS exam?
A: Certification candidates should check with their proctoring services for exam locations.  National candidates should check with the AAFCS Testing webpage: https://connect.aafcs.org/credentialing-center/professional-testing/register-exam

Texas candidates should check with the Texas Educator Certification Program website: http://www.tx.nesinc.com/PageView.aspx?f=GEN_Tests.html