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About the Early Childhood & Family Policy Online Graduate Certificate

Completing the Early Childhood & Family Policy graduate certificate from IDEA will equip you to advocate for those who need support. It can also open doors to leadership roles like executive director, supervisor, program manager, or program developer. This program consists of four courses, each lasting 8 weeks, totaling 12 credits and can be finished in two semesters. Classes are conducted online with occasional virtual networking events, guest speakers, or debates to enhance your learning. Hands-on learning opportunities are integrated into each course to help you apply your knowledge to real-world situations.



  • History, Child Development, and Equity
  • Examining Practices, Policies, and Key Issues
  • Theory, Analysis, and Research
  • Policy, Leadership, and Policy Advocacy

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In just four courses, students develop essential policy skills and understand the interrelationship of early childhood and family policies in a range of systems, such as health care, education, family leave, mental health, child abuse and neglect, parent incarceration, and minimum wage.

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All courses will have a common price. There is no in-state or out-of-state tuition. This price will cover all course costs except textbook or course packet purchases.

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*Common tuition rate set by Great Plains IDEA Board of Directors in connection and cooperation with participating institutions.

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Students enroll for all courses through their home institution by contacting the Great Plains IDEA Coordinator. Students will have only one enrollment process to complete and one check to write. All coursework completed will be recorded on your home institution's transcript.

Students who have not been admitted to the Great Plains IDEA program may enroll in a course if space is available. Each course has a maximum enrollment, and those who have been admitted to a degree program at one of the participating universities will be given preference. 

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IDEA Early Childhood and Family Policy Faculty Coordinator

Stephanie Shine, PhD
Email: stephanie.shine@ttu.edu
Phone: (806) 834.4664

IDEA Campus Coordinator

Ashlee Murden 
Email: ashlee.murden@ttu.edu
Phone: (806) 834.4140