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About the Program

The program is designed for individuals who have a bachelor's degree in a family and consumer sciences (FCS) content specialization or a related area, and are seeking initial teaching certification/licensure in family and consumer sciences. The program will offer the pedagogy (professional development) courses needed for certification/licensure. Teacher certification/licensure standards vary by state, and students must meet all the requirements in the state in which they wish to become certified. These may include additional courses in the teaching specialization, testing, and other requirements. Prior to admission, students will be required to develop a certification plan based on the standards of the state in which they want to be certified.

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Demand for Family and Consumer Sciences Teachers

The online Master's Degree program was developed in response to the need to increase the supply of FCS teachers, a need that has been documented by historical data showing dramatic declines in the number of FCS teacher preparation programs and the number of individuals completing these programs. According to the most recent National Directory of the Family and Consumer Sciences Division of the Association for Career and Technical Education (2003-04), there were only 168 pre-service family and consumer sciences teacher education programs in the U.S., representing a decline of 40% during the last twenty years. Several states have only one institution that offers FCS teacher preparation and some have none.

In response to a 1990s survey by the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS), most state administrators reported an inadequate supply of qualified FCS teachers. The majority believed their state faced a severe shortage. The survey results showed that undergraduate enrollments in FCS teacher preparation programs would supply only about 25% of the demand for new FCS teachers. A more recent study published in 2006 confirmed that most states continue to experience a serious shortage of FCS teachers and revealed that shortages are particularly severe in rural areas. All of the states participating in the Great Plains IDEA FCS Master's Degree program reported that the supply of FCS teachers was inadequate.

Benefits of Online Courses

The format of online courses is flexible and convenient and allows distance education students the opportunity to take courses that fit into their work and home schedules. Instructors will include interactive learning experiences, such as e-mail, online chats, and threaded discussions.*

* Also known as "asynchronous web-talk," threaded discussions are a form of discussion-over-time allowing students to develop critical thinking skills, reflect on questions more carefully, and respond in an assertive and thoughtful manner.

Student Resources

Master's Program - Degree Requirements

The program consists of 38-41 semester credit hours of course work, including 10 3-credit courses, 2 credits of practicum, and 6-9 credits of internship. Courses are offered over a three-year period, with at least two institutions sharing the teaching responsibility for each course. The home/degree-granting institution is responsible for placement of students for practicum and internship experiences.

The National Standards for Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences provided the framework for designing the program. The following pedagogy courses are required:

  • History and Philosophy of FCS (3 credits)
  • Occupational FCS Programs (3 credits)
  • Multicultural Education (3 credits)
  • Adolescent Learning (3 credits)
  • Special Needs Learners (3 credits)
  • Literacy in the Content Area (3 credits)
  • Educational Technology (3 credits)
  • Research in FCSE (3 credits)
  • Curriculum and Instruction in FCS (6 credits)
  • Practicum (2 credits)
  • Internship (6-9 credits)
  • Electives (as needed or desired)

Technical Requirements

You need a computer meeting the minimum specifications, the capability to access and download materials from the Internet and a browser equivalent to Netscape/Explorer 6.0 or newer. An e-mail address is essential. In order to access classes, you must set up an e-mail address using the email system at each teaching institution. For example, if you take a course taught at South Dakota State, the faculty member will send email to your South Dakota State email account, not to your Texas Tech (called: "e-Raider") address or to a local Internet service provider account (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail).

All Texas Tech teacher certification programs are approved by the State Board for Educator Certification and accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education. Concerns about the educator preparation program can be addressed via a complaint policy on file with Texas Education Agency with this form. If you have concerns about courses, per TTU policy, you should follow the university process outlined in the student handbook, https://www.depts.ttu.edu/dos/studentcomplaints.php.

Application Requirements & Process

Texas Tech University reviews applications to the program on an ongoing basis. If you select TTU as your home/degree-granting institution, you must take the following steps to be admitted:

  1. Apply for admission to the Texas Tech Graduate School. For information on how to apply online, visit TTU Graduate Admissions.
  2. Work with the FCSE Graduate Advisor to develop a certification plan and program of study. If you wish to be certified in a state other than Texas, this will require that you:
    • Contact the appropriate state agency or university FCS teacher educator in the state where you want to be certified/licensed to obtain information about the certification/licensure standards in that state.
    • Develop the certification plan and program of study and obtain approval from the appropriate certification official in the state where you wish to be certified.
    • Submit the certification plan to the FCSE Graduate Advisor.

If you have further questions please contact the Great Plains IDEA Campus Coordinator (ashlee.murden@ttu.edu).

Financial Aid

To qualify for financial aid, all graduate students must be enrolled as full-time students in the fall, spring, (5 hours) and summer semesters (3 hours).

FAFSA forms must be filled out for all government loan programs. This form uses last year's income. If you've had a change in circumstances (i.e., quit work to go to school, have large moving or medical expenses) contact the Texas Tech Financial Aid Office. They may be able to adjust your aid package based on this information which could not be conveyed on the forms.

You may also reach the Financial Aid Office at (806) 742-3681 or by email: finaid.Advisor@ttu.edu. The fax number is (806) 742-0880.

Tuition and Fees

Students admitted to the program at Texas Tech University enroll at TTU for all courses, whether they are taught at TTU or by a participating university. All courses will have a common price of $600 per credit hour for graduate courses and $435 per credit hour for undergraduate courses*. There is no in-state or out-of-state tuition. This price will cover all course costs except textbook or course packet purchases.

*Common tuition rate set by Great Plains IDEA Board of Directors in connection and cooperation with participating institutions.

Course Registration

Students enroll for all courses through their home institution by contacting the Great Plains IDEA Coordinator. Students will have only one enrollment process to complete and one check to write. All coursework completed will be recorded on your home institution's transcript.

Students who have not been admitted to the Great Plains IDEA program may enroll in a course if space is available. Each course has a maximum enrollment, and those who have been admitted to a degree program at one of the participating universities will be given preference.

Classroom Instruction

Courses are taught online using a course management system accessed through your web browser. Some courses have supplemental materials on videos or CDs and others may require telephone conferencing.

The format of online courses is flexible and convenient and allows distance education students the opportunity to take courses that fit into their work and schedules. Instructors will include interactive learning experiences, such as e-mail, online chats, and threaded discussions that allow students to develop critical thinking skills, reflect on questions more carefully, and respond in an assertive and thoughtful manner.

Course Materials

As is true for other courses, textbooks and supplemental materials required for each course are the responsibility of the students.


The Dean of the Graduate School will maintain a transcript for students admitted to the program at Texas Tech University. Each semester, course rosters and grade sheets will be exchanged among institutions, allowing grades to be automatically recorded on your transcript at your home institution.

For more information on FCSE please contact the FCSE Advisor (karen.alexander@ttu.edu).

Contact Us

Great Plains IDEA Campus Coordinator

Ashlee Murden
Email: ashlee.murden@ttu.edu
Phone: (806) 834.4140