Texas Tech University

Center for Early Head Start

Child Goals – We work toward School Readiness Goals for CEHS children through meaningful learning experiences, nurturing relationships, ongoing assessment, and partnering with families. Our child goals focus on skill development in:

  1. Approaches to Learning
  2. Social and Emotional Development
  3. Physical Health and Development
  4. Language and Literacy
  5. Cognition and General Knowledge

Family Goals – We focus on improved Family Outcomes for all CEHS enrolled families through respectful and culturally sensitive relationships, ongoing family assessments, the Family Partnership Agreement process, and a variety of family engagement strategies. Family Outcomes are as follows:

  1. Family Well-Being
  2. Parent Child Relationships
  3. Families as Lifelong Educators
  4. Families as Learners
  5. Family Engagement in Transitions
  6. Family Connections to Peers and Community
  7. Families as Advocates and Leaders

Program Goals – We strive toward constant improvement of the TTU CEHS program in all of the services provided to children and families. Our current focus areas are:

  1. School Readiness for Children
  2. Targeted Professional Development for Staff
  3. Supporting Healthy Families
  4. Improved Fiscal Understanding
  5. Taking Leadership in Community Relationships

Center for Early Head Start