Texas Tech University

About the Center for Early Head Start

Supporting Children's Health and Well-being


The health of a child plays an important role in their development. TTU CEHS supports families in ensuring their child is healthy by:

  • Assessing children's hearing, vision, and development at enrollment
  • Observing children daily for growth in areas such as language, motor skills, and social-emotional development
  • Reminding families of important health needs such as well-child checks, immunizations, and dental exams
  • Helping families access medical and dental care for their child
  • Supporting children in learning health hygiene such as brushing teeth, washing hands, and providing a variety of healthy meals and snacks

Children with special needs are welcomed in the program. Their needs are supported by working closely with the family and therapy or medical providers, to ensure that teaching staff can help them reach their full potential.

The social and emotional development of children is critical to their success in school. The program provides a Social Emotional Wellness Specialist, who is available to support teachers, families, and children.

A Health Advisory Committee, made up of local representatives who specialize in the health needs of our community, assist us in having appropriate resources to promote healthy children and families. They are also available for consultation if families have specialized medical or dental needs or concerns.

Center for Early Head Start