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Child Development Lab Classes

Gain Experience Working with Children in Lab Classes at Texas Tech

The Child Development Research Center and the Center for Early Head Start provide high-quality, hands-on learning experiences to Human Development and Family Sciences (HDFS), Early Childhood Education (ECE), and Human Sciences (HS) majors as they teach infants, toddlers, and preschool-aged children. Students apply developmental knowledge into practice and engage in research-backed teaching with constructive feedback and guidance from faculty supervisors and classroom teachers. This experiential learning is highly valuable to any student interested in working with infants and children in education, health professions, and health and human services settings. Both centers also employ selected students as Student Assistants (See open positions for CDRC or CEHS) and provide them with opportunities to increase their professional experience.

Available Courses

EC/HDFS 3311 - Supervised Experiences with Infants and Toddlers

  • 3 Semester Credit Hours.
  • Prerequisite: 2.5 TTU GPA, unless student is registered in first semester. Supervised experience with infants and toddlers. State law requires students to pass a background check. 

EC/HDFS 3313 - Supervised Experiences with Young Children

  • 3 Semester Credit Hours 
  • Prerequisite: 2.5 TTU GPA. Supervised experience with young children. State law requires students to pass a background check.


"I always refer back to the CDRC when I'm talking with colleagues and administrators about my behavior management and interactions with students. I loved my time there and wish daily that I could just spend one more moment with everyone!" - Autumn Handley - Early Childhood Education graduate, Current Teacher

"While at the CDRC, I acquired the knowledge of how to allow kids to organically learn through play. I also gained the skill of redirecting unwanted behaviors and encouraging and promoting positive behavior whether it was my intent or not. I am forever grateful for my time at the CDRC and all that I have learned and apply to this day because of it." - Amy Thomson - Early Childhood Education graduate, Current Teacher

"I am now the director of a licensed childcare facility—The experience of observation through the 2 way mirrors allowed me to see how to talk and interact with children of various ages in a low-stress environment. I appreciated the scaffolding of observation through the mirrors, observation in the classroom, to interaction and lesson presenting. This helped my confidence with children and also allowed me to learn from experts how to handle and discuss situations as they occurred. I would not be the educator and leader I am without my experiences at the CDRC." - Tiffany Whigham, Current Early Childhood Center Director at WTAMU