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Human Development & Family Sciences

Why Choose Texas Tech HDFS

Why Choose HDFS?

Texas Tech's Human Development and Family Sciences (HDFS) graduate program provides cutting-edge education focused on interpersonal relationships and human development across the lifespan. Students will have access to expert faculty whose research is published in some of the nation's leading journals and publications. Graduate students in the HDFS program participate in meaningful research that impacts the lives of children, adolescents, families, and elderly communities. Graduate students will graduate prepared to excel in professional and academic positions.

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What can you do with an HDFS degree?

Human development and family sciences graduate degrees prepare students to pursue many different career paths including:

  • Teaching
  • Crisis Specialists
  • Social Services or Adoption Services
  • Research
  • Child Advocacy or Protective Services
  • Family Counseling
  • Program Directors
  • Mental Health Services
  • Program Evaluation Specialists
  • Other Pre-Health Careers

Careers of Human Development and Family Sciences Alumni

Texas Tech HDFS alumni are making an impact in their careers. Below is a list of occupations and employers of some of our recent HDFS graduate alumni.

Employer Title
Nofa resort Acting HR Manager
Miami Dade Assistant Professor
Eckerd College Assistant Professor
University of Wisconsin Assistant Professor
Penn State Erie Assistant Professor
McMurry University Instructor of Psychology
Triada Capital (Hong Kong) Operations Analyst
Colorado State Assistant Professor
St. Anne's Maternity Home Crisis Specialist
Crisis Center Interpersonal Violence Prevention Educator
TTU Research Office Research Administrator
Texas Public Policy Foundation Director, Center for Families and Children
Buckner Childre and Family Servies Aftercare Case Manager
Texas A&M Assistant Professor
Montclair State Senior Research Associate
Falcon Ridge Ranch (Hurricane, Utah) Program Director
Texas A&M County Extension Agent, Urban Youth Development
Oklahoma State Program Evaluation Specialist
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Unit Manager
Texas Tech University Instructor
Texas Tech University Associate Professor


What type of research do we do?

Faculty in the Human Development and Family Sciences department direct research laboratories across the lifespan. Students participate in innovative research projects from a wide range of topics such as:

  • Studies of Foster Care and Youth in Foster Care
  • Alcohol and Substance Use in Young Populations
  • The Transition to Siblinghood: Early Predictors of Maladjustment
  • Gender Differences in Maltreated Children
  • Child and Maternal Risk and Protective Factors for Anxiety in Infancy
  • Anxiety, Identity, and Female College Student Heavy Drinking Episodic Drinking
  • Disordered Eating among Collegiate Recovery Program Students

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