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Service Learning


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While there are many ways in which students and faculty may participate in community engagement, with a focus on reflection and reciprocity, service learning stands apart from experiences such as volunteering and internships. Through service learning, the needs of both the community partner and student are considered equally in the development of projects and service initiatives. In addition, in service learning there is an emphasis on critical reflection in which students are asked to make connections between course content and the service experience.


What is the definition of service learning at Texas Tech?

How can I get involved in service learning at Texas Tech?

Students and faculty at Texas Tech are encouraged to participate in Service Breaks through TrUE and academic service learning courses offered in multiple departments in all colleges at TTU.

Are you interested in participating in a Service Break? For more information, visit Raider Service Breaks.

Are you a faculty member interested in service learning? For more information, visit About Academic Service Learning.

Are you a faculty member interested in designating a service learning course? For more information, visit S Designation.

Are interested in becoming a community partner for a service learning course? Community Interest form coming soon!

Service Learning