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Raider Service Breaks (RSB) are week-long or weekend trips that provide a meaningful way for students, faculty, and/or staff to engage in group oriented, service and engagement activities, and to learn about issues that they can make a difference in. Meaningful service, group reflection, and leadership development are key componenets of a successful RSB!


Upcoming RSBs:

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TTU Raider Service Break Friends

Bridge Adventure Program
  • idetinified community partners
  • initiated initial communication
  • recruitment/celebratory marketing & communications
Raiders Helping Others
  • identified community partners
  • shared reflection and blog development
  • recruitment/celebratory marketing & communications

Become an RSB Friend:

TrUE is here to support TTU faculty/staff in the development of a Raider Service Breaks within their undergraduate class, organization, and/or program. 

The TrUE Team will help with: 

    • identifying potential community partners
    • initial communication between community partner and RSB Ally
    • reflection and blog development
    • pre-trip trainings/logistics
      recruitment/celebratory marketing & communications

We want to help you and your students have a TRANSFORMATIVE EXPERIENCE!

If you are interested in developing a RSB trip, please contact, Jacy Enloe

For a behind-the-scenes view of life on a Raider Service Break: