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Supporting faculty in developing new transformative experiences for undergraduate students in the arts, humanities, and social sciences

2023 Funding Cycle Application

Updated September 9, 2022: Texas Tech University faculty may now apply for funding to support projects in 2023.

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About TrUE Transformers

Funded by the Helen Jones Foundation, the TrUE Transformers Program supports Texas Tech University faculty in launching transformative experiences for TTU undergraduate students in 2023! The 2023 funding cycle supports projects in the arts, humanities, and social sciences that address the following competitive preference priorities:

  • Support more than one undergraduate student
  • Intentionally recruit students from traditionally underrepresented, first-generation, or disadvantaged populations
  • Have strong potential for continuation post-grant
  • Leverage existing matching support and develop capacity for attracting future external funding
  • Draw in new faculty without extensive prior experience with undergraduate student-facing projects
  • Incorporate a community-based component with a Lubbock-area community partner

Budget Guidelines

TrUE Transformers funding can be used for (1) scholarship support for TTU undergraduate students, (2) project material and supply costs, and (3) student-only conference travel expenses. Total 2023 program funding is $50,000, and we expect to make at least 10 separate project awards (so averaging approximately $5,000 per project).

Required Project Outcomes

TrUE Transformers projects are intended to be pilot efforts with some degree of risk; however, each project leader must commit to the following deliverables:

  • Responsible management of project funds in accordance with all TTU Operating Policies and Procedures and in collaboration with TrUE department staff
  • Participation in Fall Transformative Experience Showcase event in October 2022
  • Faculty submission of 2-3 page summative report outlining students engaged, project achievements, and any resulting or anticipated scholarly products
  • Student submission of TrUE post-experience survey and 3-5 project photos



2022 Projects

Congratulations to our 13 funded projects on an incredible year in 2022! These trailblazing TRANSFORMERS and their outstanding students achieved more than we could have hoped for in our first funding cycle! Thank you to the Helen Jones Foundation for supporting this work!

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What is a transformative experience?

Great things happen when TTU students and faculty have the time, space, and resources to work together on innovative projects and exciting experiences. While our definition of transformative experiences intentionally spans a range of activities that is as broad as the scope of disciplines in the University, at their core they almost all boil down to a meaningfully complex and long-term project where a professor and a small group of students collaborate to investigate, explore, or create together. TrUE employs the Association of American Colleges & Universities (AAC&U) High-Impact Educational Practices framework for evaluating the impact of proposed experiences.

Program Goals

  1. Goal 1: Increase the number of transformative experiences impacting TTU undergraduate students in the arts, humanities, and social sciences
  2. Goal 2: Enhance the quality of transformative experiences supported by TrUE
  3. Goal 3: Sustain transformative undergraduate experiences beyond initial Helen Jones Foundation grant period by supporting work to integrate activities into undergraduate courses


Please submit questions by email to the Center for Transformative Undergraduate Experiences at true@ttu.edu with subject line TrUE Transformers Question.