Texas Tech University


Service Learning Staff

The Service Learning Staff is happy to assist you as you navigate your way through service learning. We provide support to anyone in the Texas Tech Community (faculty, staff, and community partners) engaged in experiential learning and welcome the opportunity to help with developing courses, projects, and partnerships. To schedule an appointment or ask a question, please email us at servicelearning@ttu.edu or call 806-742-0133. Our offices are located in the Teaching Learning and Professional Development Center, which is located in the Main University Library Building, North Wing, Room 136.


Micah Logan serves as the Associate Director of the Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development Center. In addition to overseeing the Service Learning Program and supporting the Service Learning Coordinator, Micah works directly with faculty to provide consultation services and collaborates with staff and community members to promote service learning on campus. She has worked with service learning at TTU since 2012 and is excited by the growth occurring with outreach and engagement on campus. micah.m.logan@ttu.edu

Service Learning