Texas Tech University

"S" Designation

We are excited about your interest in classifying your course as an official service learning, or “S” designated course at Texas Tech University (TTU). The university recognizes service learning courses with an official “S” designation, and the Service Learning Program welcomes course submissions from all colleges, departments, and instructors.

The Service Learning Program has identified three criteria that are required for a course to be “S” designated. These criteria and expectations are briefly described in the “S” Designation Application and are more fully addressed in the Course Narrative and Service Learning Syllabus Guide documents in the right column under application materials. 

To access the instructions and application for service learning course submission, please click on the links listed in the right-hand column. There you will find additional links to help guide your application process. For questions about the “S” designation process, please contact servicelearning@ttu.edu.

Service Learning