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Service Learning Faculty Publications

The following are publications by Texas Tech University faculty on service learning.

In alphabetical order and in APA format:

Brooks-Hurst, E., Popovich, D. (2019). Assessing the Perceived Effectiveness of a Marketing Research Service Learning Project: The MR-SL Scale, Marketing Education Review, 29 (3), 164-181. doi:10.1080/10528008.2019.1621679

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Dwyer, J. F. (2005). Math Tutoring as a Service-Learning Experience for Elementary Education Students. Mathematics in Service to the Community.

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Hausrath, Z. & Rice, R. (2014). The necessity of teaching intercultural communication competence in literacy classes. The Journal of College Literacy and Learning, 19-34.

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Klein, C., & Lawver, D. (2007). Community-based Ecotourism Design Studio in the Yucatan Peninsula: Enhancing Study Abroad with a Service-learning Component. Journal of International Agricultural and Extension Education, 14(3), 97–107. doi: 10.5191/jiaee.2007.14308

Lauren, B. & Rice, R. (2014). Developing Intercultural Competence through Global Activity Theory Using the Connect-Exchange Study Abroad App. Advances in Linguistics and Communication Studies Digital Rhetoric and Global Literacies, 154–173. doi: 10.4018/978-1-4666-4916-3.ch008

Lauren, B., Rice, R., Williams, J., Morrison, S., Van Winkle, K., & Elliott, T. (2015). Fostering intercultural communication through transactional rhetoric: A problem-based service-learning model for professional and technical communication. 2015 IEEE International Professional Communication Conference (IPCC), 1(1), 247–261. doi: 10.1109/ipcc.2015.7235827

Lowe, L. A., & Medina, V. L. (2010). Service Learning Collaborations: A Formula for Reciprocity. Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Social Services, 91(2), 127–134. doi: 10.1606/1044-3894.3970

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Rice, R. (2012). ePortfolios and the Communicative Intellect in Online Education. Computer-Mediated Communication, 62–73. doi: 10.4018/978-1-61350-077-4.ch005

Rice, R. (1997). Community inside the classroom through building web-pages. Oregon Council of Teachers of English: The Chalkboard, 21(1), 2–3.

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