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Upcoming Group Advising Sessions

In preparation for Fall 2024 programs. Students interested in future terms should check back for additional group advising session dates.

  • TBD

Group advising sessions will be hosted on Zoom. Start an application to access the registration details.

Please note you may not schedule a one on one appointment until you have attended one of these sessions.

Program Dates

Program Open to

  • Restricted to College of Architecture students - contact your Academic Advisor for eligibility
  • 3rd year students are eligible during spring semester, unless otherwise approved by your Academic Advisor
  • 4th year students are eligible during fall semester, unless otherwise approved by your Academic Advisor

Program Requirements

  • Mandatory Visa Workshop for all CoA Semester Students 
    • March 19th 5:30 - 7:30pm International Affairs Auditorium 
  • Mandatory Seville Night for all Students
    • April 24th 5:30-7:30pm at International Center Auditorium

Estimated Program Fees 

Courses Offered

ARCH 3314: Contemporary Issues

ARCH 3620: Studio

ARCH 4341: Media Elective

About the Program

The Texas Tech University Center in Sevilla is located in southern Spain in the region known as Andalucia. Sevilla has over 700,000 inhabitants and is located on the banks of the Guadalquivir River which can be navigated all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. Tartessians and Romans first settled the area prior to 200 B.C. and remnants of those empires as well as Moorish occupation are prevalent in structures around town. Several notable artists - Velazquez, Murillo, Valdes Leal and Martinez Montañés - left their mark on Seville as well. Seville is a modern, dynamic city that boasts typical Andalusian charm.

The Texas Tech University Center in Sevilla is located along the perimeter of the downtown area and has wireless as well as high speed ADSL capability. An extensive travel library is available for students to plan the weekend excursions around Europe. A research library has collections of history, art, architecture, and Spanish language. An informal paperback exchange library is located on site as well for students' leisure reading needs.

Spain – Your Home Away From Home

Spain is located in southern Europe and is home to a myriad of cultures and traditions as diverse as the climates and foods. The country is bordered on three sides by water and offers picturesque beaches, towns perched clinging to rocky hillsides and a forum for world class water sports. Soccer is the king passion and Spain regularly boasts world championship teams. Artists have found inspiration for painting, sculpting and writing masterpieces for centuries. The landscape lends itself to photography and pure enjoyment of the outdoors. National parks are sprinkled through the country and leisure activities abound.

Students arrange their own transportation to and from Sevilla with the help of the Seville Coordinator. As students arrive in Sevilla, Spain, their program begins with in-country orientation which includes walking tours of the city and presentations by the Texas Tech Sevilla Center Resident Director and staff regarding housing, communication, safety, public transportation, and cultural considerations. At the end of the in-country orientation, host families meet students to take them to settle in to their new environment. Group excursions are woven into the curriculum throughout the semester.  Free weekends scattered throughout the semester allow students to take advantage of further travel as they wish.

Students live with a host family and normally one other Texas Tech student. Host families are typical middle class families who provide cultural insight as well as linguistic help. Host families provide three meals each day seven days per week, do students' laundry, provide linens, and clean the bedroom weekly. Most students find the host family experience to be one of the highlights of the study abroad program.

Additional Extracurricular Activities

Sevillanas Dance

Semester students have the option to learn the typical dance that is seen at local fairs, weddings, and family parties. The instructor for the class is a local professional dancer and the cost to participate is nominal for students at The Center. The Sevillanas Dance classes meet 2-3 times weekly during the semester. The dance classes are not for credit.

Students taking dance class

Students participating in a Sevillanas Dance class.

Host Family

Living with a host family is an integral part of the program and can be a very rewarding experience. Families not only provide full room and board and laundry services, but they also provide an opportunity to practice Spanish extensively outside of class as well as offer students a unique insider's glimpse into Spanish culture not easily replicated by any other experience. Spanish host families are carefully screened and monitored by the on-site staff. During orientation and through orientation materials, students are given guidelines to help them successfully integrate with their host families.

For more information:

Contact the College of Architecture and/or the Senior Study Abroad Counselor/ Coordinator of the TTU Center in Sevilla.