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Sport Management Research

Matt Huml, Ph.D.

My research interests focus on the academic experience of the student-athletes.  Specific sub-topics include: (1) performing community engagement, (2) interactions with university academic personnel, (3) the balance of time commitment within intercollegiate athletics and academics, and (4) the interaction between intercollegiate athletics and student-athletes choosing an academic major and intended career path.  

Angela Lumpkin, Ph.D.

My research interests and publication record are multi-dimensional and reflective of the variety of my career. Specifically, I conduct research and publish in the areas of sport ethics, leadership, intercollegiate athletics, women in sport, and teaching effectiveness. Recent and on-going research projects range from the academic performance of high school students to the ethical conundrum of intercollegiate athletics to values-based leadership in intercollegiate athletics to examining the career paths of athletic administrators and athletic directors in intercollegiate athletics. Given my commitment to the infusion of active learning strategies leading to greater student learning, recent and on-going research projects have included student perceptions of active learning, student-centered learning activities, and use of class time to increase student engagement.

Cheryl R. Rode, Ph.D.

My research interests focus on all aspects of sport tourism. Specifically, I am looking at the motivations to travel and how sport tourists travel to collegiate sports, destination image of a specific city or college town and what other items are on the travel agenda in addition to the collegiate sporting event. One previous study looked at the RV tailgater for college football games. Little to no previous research had been done on this group of tailgaters. In addition to collegiate sport tourism, I have studied the RV tailgater and camper at NASCAR events. Future collaboration will involve looking at concessions and experiences as motivations to travel to sporting events in collegiate, minor and professional sports. In addition to sport tourism, I have research interests in student-athletes and their academic experiences while a collegiate student-athlete. Previous studies have examined academic advisor perceptions toward student-athletes as well as the academic services provided for student-athletes through athletic departments. Finally, I am also looking at the experiences of faculty within higher education, particularly in sport management.

Other topics of interest include:

  • Escalation of Commitment in Intercollegiate Athletics
  • College Athlete Development
  • Institutional Complexity in Sport

Student Research

The Sport Management program at Texas Tech supports student research endeavors encourages student involvement in faculty research projects. Our students have presented research at various national conferences and have completed research projects that are either published or in review for publication. Further, our students have represented the program in various case competitions at national conferences. Students who are interested in research involvement should consult faculty members who have similar research interests.

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