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Political Science Online Courses

The Political Science department offers three introductory-level courses fully online. These courses fulfill the Core Curriculum requirements for Government/Political Science.

Introductory Courses

POLS 1301 – American Government

Fundamentals of U.S. Government, including its historical development and current form.

POLS 2306 – Texas Politics and Topics

Fundamentals of Texas Government.

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Major & Minor Courses

POLS 2361 – International Politics

Prerequisite: POLS 1301. Introduction to global issues, actions, and processes.

POLS 2371 – Comparative Politics

Prerequisite: POLS 1301. The primary institutions (e.g., parties, groups, executives, legislatures) and processes (e.g., voting, instability) of politics.

POLS 3101 – Careers in Politics and Policy

Prerequisite: POLS 1301. Career opportunities in the field of Political Science.

POLS 3301 – Conflicts in the Middle East

Prerequisite: POLS 1301. Introduction to Conflict and the Middle East.

POLS 3301 – International Relations and Pop Culture

Prerequisite: POLS 1301. International relations both in real-life situations and fiction.

POLS 3314 – Introduction to Political Analysis

Prerequisite: POLS 1301. Introduction to statistics in Political Science. (Spring semester only).

POLS 3329 – Environmental Politics and Policy

Prerequisite: POLS 1301. American environmental policy from the perspective of Political Science.

POLS 3352 – Constitutional Law

Prerequisite: POLS 1301. Major concepts and principles in American constitutional law.

POLS 3367 – International Bargaining and Security

Prerequisite: POLS 1301. International bargaining and negotiation in multilateral agreements and organizations.

POLS 3368 – Transnational Issues

Prerequisite: POLS 1301. Globalization and its impacts.


POLS Minor Online

The requirement for a minor in political science is six 3-hour courses (18 hours), including POLS 1301 and 2306. Political science minors are also required to take either POLS 2361 or 2371 plus 9 hours of upper-level POLS courses. A minimum of 6 upper-level Political Science hours must be taken in residence at Texas Tech University.

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