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Political Science Online Courses

The Political Science department offers three introductory level courses fully online. These courses fulfill the Core Curriculum requirements for Government/Political Science.

Introductory Courses

POLS 1301 – American Government

Constitutions and organization of the governments of the United States, the states in general, and Texas in particular. Partially fulfills core Government/Political Science requirement.

POLS 2107 – Federal and Texas Constitutions

A study of the United States and state constitutions with emphases on Texas.

POLS 2302 – American Public Policy

The policy-making process in the governments of the United States, the states in general, and Texas in particular.

Major & Minor Courses

The fully online Concentration/Minor in Political Science is in development! Check the list below for courses that are currently offered online, and for courses that are in development for future online delivery.

POLS 3341 – Administrative Process

Prerequisite: POLS 1301. A survey of the field of public administration. Principles of administrative organization; distribution of administrative functions together with the structure of government charged with the carrying out of public policy.

POLS 3361 – International Politics

Prerequisite: POLS 1301. Introduction to global issues, actions and processes: north-south relations, post-cold war issues, the role of the state, and leading theories of international relations.

POLS 3371 – Comparative Politics

Prerequisite: POLS 1301. The primary institutions (e.g., parties, groups, executives, legislatures) and processes (e.g., voting, instability) of politics as well as relevant social structures are viewed in various national settings. Questions of how and why to compare also are considered.


In development:

POLS 3351

Prerequisite: POLS 1301. Analysis of the judicial process as part of the political process; judicial personnel and organization; sources and instruments of judicial power; judicial reasoning and behavior; and impact of judicial activity.

POLS 3352

Constitutional Law–Powers (3). Prerequisite: POLS 1301. A case study of American constitutional law emphasizing constitutional bases of governmental power. Leading cases demonstrating the principles of separation of powers, judicial review, taxation, commerce, and implied powers

POLS 3363 International Organizations

A comparative study of the major organizations of the League of Nations and the United Nations; approaches to peaceful settlement of disputes, collective security, disarmament, regional organizations, and the future of world order.

POLS 3367

Examines the actors, processes, and strategies of international bargaining and negotiation in multilateral agreements and organizations with an emphases on the security dilemma.


POLS Minor Online

The Political Science department offers a fully online minor/concentration in political science. The requirement for a minor in political science is 18 hours, including POLS 1301 and 2302. Political science minors will also take either POLS 3361 or 3371, plus 9 hours of upper-level POLS courses. Contact the political science advisor to create a plan for your online minor today!

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