Texas Tech University

Psychological Methods and Analysis Graduate Certificate Program

This graduate certificate program will supplement master's and doctoral students' methodological and statistical training — an objective that is increasingly essential for psychologists and those in related disciplines, not only for the purposes of acquiring knowledge that allows them to be informed scientific consumers but also for understanding and interpreting empirical findings. Additional training in psychological methods may also serve to increase the job prospects and marketability of graduates from the program.

Graduate advisor(s) for graduate certificate program (admissions and advising):
Dr. Amelia Talley (Program Coordinator); Dr. Nicholas Borgogna; Dr. Zachary Hohman; Dr. Martina Klein; Dr. Brandy Piña-Watson.

Required courses and electives:

  • 19-20 hours total (five courses total)
  • Only up to 4 hours of transfer credit may apply
Required? Course Number Course Title Freq. of Course Offering Prerequisites Freq. of Prerequisite Offering Taught by Distance?
TWO Required Courses (8 credit-hours total, including Credit-based Labs)
Y PSY 5480 Experimental Design 1 per year n/a   N
Y PSY 5447 Advanced Correlational Methods and Factor Analysis 1 per year n/a   N
Prerequisites: PSY 5480 and PSY 5447 (or equivalents).
Choose ONE 3-credit [PSY 5367] or 4-credit [PSY 5448, 5460] course from the first Block A.
Choose TWO additional 4-credit [PSY 5448, 5460, 5465, 5485, 5495, 5496] courses from Block A or B.
Block A      
N PSY 5448 Advanced Multivariate Analysis for Psychologists 1 every 3 years PSY 5447 & 5480 1 per year N
N PSY 5460 Structural Equation Modeling for Psychologists 1 per year PSY 5447 & 5480 1 per year N
Block B      
N PSY 5465 Categorical Data Analysis 1 every 3 years PSY 5447 & 5480 1 per year N
N PSY 5485 Psychometric and Item Response Theory 1 every 3 years PSY 5447 & 5480 1 per year N
N PSY 5495 Hierarchical Linear Modeling 1 every 3 years PSY 5447 & 5480 1 per year N
N PSY 5496 Qualitative Research Methods & Analysis 1 every 3 years PSY 5447 & 5480 1 per year N

Program Coordinator: Amelia Talley, Ph.D. amelia.talley@ttu.edu

Application Process

Students must complete an application for a Graduate Certificate. Please go to https://ttugradschool.my.site.com/admissions/ApplicationLogin and follow the instructions for applying to a graduate certificate program. You must apply to the certificate program prior to the semester in which you intend to graduate.