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Welcome to the Clinical Psychology doctoral program at Texas Tech University. Our training program is accredited by the American Psychology Association (APA) and we adhere to the scientist-practitioner training model. Our graduate students get training experience in research and clinical work. We are very proud of our students and our program graduates!

Graduate Program (please see the Graduate Program section for more details)

The Clinical Psychology Program (CPP) is housed within the Department of Psychological Sciences. The Department of Psychological Sciences has its own building on the Texas Tech University campus that houses offices, research labs, conference rooms, and classrooms (one devoted to statistics/computing). The Department of Psychological Sciences also houses the Psychology Clinic which includes eight therapy rooms, two group rooms, one child therapy room, and five assessment/testing rooms. Graduate students have access to computers, printers, and various software (e.g., SPSS; MPlus; SAS).

In addition to practicum training in the Psychology Clinic, graduate students in the CPP get clinical training at various practicum sites such as the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, University Medical Center, the Southwest Cancer Center at University Medical Center, StarCare, and Lubbock County Juvenile Justice Center to name a few. Numerous faculty also conduct research at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and in the community.

For questions regarding admissions, please contact our Admissions Coordinator, Dr. Adam Schmidt (adam.t.schmidt@ttu.edu). For general questions regarding the Clinical Psychology Program, please contact the Director of Clinical Training, Dr. Jason Van Allen (jason.vanallen@ttu.edu).

Student Admissions, Outcomes, and Other Data

For Applicants (please see the For Applicants section for more details)

The due date for Fall 2023 admissions is December 1, 2022. Application requirements and procedures can be found in our For Applicants section. Due to a variety of limitations/concerns (e.g., testing procedures related to COVID-19 and test bias) please note that the GRE will not be accepted for applications submitted for the upcoming admissions cycle.

Please note, the graduate school at Texas Tech University is making GRE scores optional across all programs for the coming year. However, the clinical psychology program faculty have decided to not incorporate this information into our review of individual applications.

Please see the Faculty and Labs section for a detailed list of all of our faculty, their research interests, and whether they will be recruiting a student for the upcoming admissions cycle.