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These videos will help address a few common issues;
if you still have questions after watching them, please contact
Dr. Durham or a graduate assistant

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  • How do I register?
    Watch this video and look through this Enrollment Quicklist. If, after that, you still have questions, feel free to email, call      (806) 834-8617, or schedule an appointment.

  • I am unable to register.
    1. Check that you're not too early:
    Registration is open April 22 for Summer and Fall semesters, and November 25 for the Spring semester, with advance registration April 2-21 and November 6-24 respectively.

    You can check your registration status, including dates and any holds preventing registration:
    Banner > Prepare for Registration.

    2. Be sure there are no requirements that you do not meet; some courses are restricted by major or year, or have prerequisites. If you believe you need the course in question despite not meeting these requirements, email us, or schedule an appointment.

  • A class I need in order to graduate is full.
    Don't worry; email us, or schedule an appointment to be added.
  • I am unable to find or add a class I want.
    If you know a class is being offered, and you know the CRN, you can add it manually:
    Banner > Register for Classes > Enter CRNs (tab under "Register for Classes" at the top).
  • A class I added has only 1 credit hour, but I know it should have more.
    Some classes allow you to enter credits manually. These default to 1 credit. You can change the number of credits after the class has been added: Variable credit instructions.

Requirements and Planning

Graduate School

For more information, see the Graduate School Guide

For specific advice, contact a graduate advisor at psychadvisors@ttu.edu

  • When should I start thinking about research?
    As soon as possible, even as early as your first semester. Look through our faculty labs page to identify and get in contact with faculty whose research interests you.

  • How much research experience do I need?
    Ideally, you will work in three different labs, in order to get your three letters of recommendation. As most labs prefer you stay with them at least two semesters, you will be looking at around three years of lab experience.

  • I'm already a senior and I have no research experience, is graduate school even an option anymore?
    Though it is ideal to have a bunch of research experience, it is not impossible to be accepted without as much. Do your best to start working in a lab and get to know faculty to write you letters. You might also consider taking a year after you graduate to gain more experience.

  • I fear my grades/test scores/research experience may not be adequate.
    While graduate school is competitive, you do not need to be perfect in every area; use your personal statement to explain weaknesses and emphasize strength, and look into schools with faculty who share your interests. You can also consider applying to masters rather than, or in addition to doctoral programs as they are often less competitive.

Psychological Sciences

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    Texas Tech University, Department of Psychological Sciences, Box 42051 Lubbock, TX 79409-2051