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Registration Help

Texas Tech provides several enrollment tools to help you plan ahead and select appropriate classes for your degree program. If you're having trouble and can't find the answer to your question on this page or the Enrollment Quick Steps page, reach out to a departmental advisor for assistance.

Video Guides: Using Registration Tools

General Course Information

Course Levels

An overall degree requirement for any degree at Texas Tech is the completion of a minimum number of junior/senior level hours. These upper level hours can be identified easily by course number:

  • 1000 level – freshman/lower level
  • 2000 level – sophomore/lower level
  • 3000 level – junior/upper level
  • 4000 level – senior/upper level

A minimum of 40 hours in the overall degree must be upper level, with a minimum number of those hours applying to the major according to the specific major requirements. All minors require a minimum of 6 hours upper level. If a student does not meet the minimum requirements for upper level coursework, they must take additional hours until minimum requirements are met. To avoid the need for elective hours and/or additional coursework in the major/minor, students are encouraged to take upper level coursework whenever the option is available.

Instruction Methods

Your class will meet at the scheduled time in the designated room.

Your class will meet face-to-face at the scheduled time in the designated room, and you will also meet online in either a synchronous or asynchronous format.

Synchronous Online
Your class will meet online using video conferencing software at the scheduled time.

Asynchronous Online
Your class does not have scheduled meetings but assignments and activities may be scheduled for you to complete by a certain date.

How to Plan Your Schedule

Review your DegreeWorks audit to make sure you understand what remaining requirements need to be fulfilled. You may wish to use the Recommended Sample Curriculum for your degree program, found in the University Catalog, to plan your schedule, especially in planning ahead for things like prerequisites that are needed before moving on to other courses.

When selecting classes, be particularly mindful of requirements for junior/senior level hours, foreign language, and Communication Literacy or Writing Intensive courses in the major. If you must be enrolled full-time, enroll in a minimum of 12 hours in fall or spring semesters. Around 15 hours per semester is recommended to stay on track for a four-year plan.

DegreeWorks What-If Audit

To see how your selected classes may apply to your remaining degree requirements, select the What-If Audit option in DegreeWorks. Check the box for Use Current Curriculum, then enter each class in the Future Classes section. The tool will generate a What-If Audit to show you how those classes would apply to your current degree program.

If a class is applied as an elective or appears in the Fall-Through Classes section, you should consider selecting a different course because it likely will not apply to needed requirements. DegreeWorks isn't perfect, so contact a departmental advisor if you have questions about how a class applies to your degree requirements.

Common Registration Problems

I Can't Register in the Add or Drop Classes Tool

Visit the Add or Drop Classes tool and select Prepare for Registration to review your holds and time tickets. If you're unable to register, the issue likely stems from either a hold or time ticket issue.

Registration holds will prevent you from enrolling in classes. If you have a hold, contact the office that placed the hold for assistance. Only the office that placed the hold has access to remove the hold.

Time Tickets
You must have a time ticket to enroll in classes. Your time ticket lists the time and date that you can begin registering. Make sure you aren't trying to enroll before your time ticket is active. If you do not have a time ticket, please contact a departmental advisor for assistance.

The Course I Want Is Full

Don't panic – keep an eye on the course listings to see if a seat becomes available. Students add and drop classes frequently, so odds are high that you can find an open seat if you're persistent. In the meantime, register for a back-up course that you can live with if your first choice doesn't work out.

If you're a graduating senior and need a seat in a full class, contact the instructor of the course to explain the situation and request a permit. In your message be sure to include your name, your R#, the course number, the 5-digit course CRN, and the semester the class is in. Instructor contact information can be found in the Texas Tech Online Directory.

Please note that instructors are not obligated to approve a permit for you to enroll in the class over the seat limit. Still, it's never a bad idea to respectfully make a request. If the instructor grants permission, forward the permission to the departmental advisor for that class. If the instructor does not grant permission, contact a departmental advisor for guidance. There might be other options available to ensure that you are enrolled in all classes needed for graduation.

My Class Is Only 1 Hour But Should Be More

Some classes, like PSY 4000, allow you to enter credits manually. If no number is entered, 1 hour is the default. You can change the number of credits after the class has been added – learn how to enter variable credit hours.

I Receive an Error When Attempting to Add a Course

Many registration errors can be resolved independently – review Registration Errors Explained first, then continue reading this page to see if your issue is described below. If you still need help, please reach out to a departmental advisor for assistance.

Online courses
Most online classes at TTU are restricted by campus and do not allow Lubbock students to enroll. Some departments offer several sections of online classes and reserve one or more sections specifically for Lubbock students, so be sure to check all sections of an online class to determine which sections, if any, might be available to Lubbock students.

Campus restrictions for online classes are lifted about one month before the semester begins, which will allow all students to enroll in any remaining open seats. In the meantime, you should register for a back-up course to ensure that you have a full schedule – choose either a face-to-face section of the course, or a different course entirely. If you are later able to add the online course, you may swap it with your back-up course in your schedule.

PSY Courses
If you receive an error when adding a PSY course and believe you should be able to add the class, please contact a departmental advisor for assistance. In your message be sure to include your name, your R#, the course number, the 5-digit course CRN, and the semester the class is in.

Non-PSY Courses
Psychology advisors cannot assist you with errors related to non-PSY courses; you must contact the department offering the course for assistance. In your message be sure to include your name, your R#, the course number, the 5-digit course CRN, and the semester the class is in. If you aren't sure who the departmental advisor is for a given department, please use the Texas Tech Online Directory to look up their information.

Foreign Language Courses

  • For questions about Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Korean, and Japanese classes, contact Stephanie Santos at stephanie.santos@ttu.edu.
  • For questions about Greek, Latin, Italian, French, German, Russian, Chinese, and ASL classes, contact Carla Burrus at carla.burrus@ttu.edu.