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We encourage students to regularly meet with a departmental advisor to ensure they are on track in their degree program. All appointments are scheduled via Raider Success Hub. If you cannot schedule an appointment via the Raider Success Hub, please reach out via email for assistance.

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Advising Team

Please Note: So that we can respond to your message in a timely manner, please do not send separate emails to each of us about the same issue. Instead, contact only one advisor or simply include all of us when addressing your email.

Dr. Maggie Durham

Lead Academic Advisor and Instructor
Phone: (806) 834-8617
Office: PSYC 115

Kristen Holcomb

Senior Academic Advisor
Email: kristen.holcomb@ttu.edu
Phone:(806) 834-5882
Office: Remote

Taylor C. Rindlisbacher

Academic Advisor
Phone:(806) 834-7138
Office: PSYC 153A

Joannie Hill

Academic Advisor
Email: Joannie.Hill@ttu.edu
Phone:(806) 834-8540
Office: PSYC 113

Advising FAQs

Which advisor am I supposed to meet with?
We do not currently divide our student population by alphabet; you may meet with any of our advisors.

Do I have to meet with an advisor before registering for classes every semester?
Our department does not currently require students to meet with an advisor before registering for classes. However, to ensure that you stay on track for graduation, we strongly recommend contacting your major advisor at least once a semester throughout your time at TTU.

I'm having trouble registering for classes!
Check the Registration Help page for guidance on common registration issues.

Can I take online classes?
Sometimes. Many departments don't allow Lubbock students to register for their online classes until 30 days before the semester begins. At that time, campus restrictions will be lifted and you can try to register if seats are still available.

Something else to keep in mind: Psychology is a face-to-face degree, so it's expected that no more than 49% of your degree will be completed with online TTU classes; the other 51% of your TTU hours are expected to be face-to-face coursework. In addition, some required courses for the degree are not offered in an online format at all.

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