Texas Tech University

Joseph M Currin, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Email: joe.currin@ttu.edu

Office: 306, Lab: 452 A & B

Lab Site: 

B.A., Industrial Distribution, Texas A&M University, 1999
B.A., Psychology, Washburn University, 2011
M.A., Psychology (Clinical Emphasis), Washburn University, 2014
Ph.D., Counseling Psychology, Oklahoma State University, 2018


Currin, Joseph

Research Interests

My research focuses on three main areas, sexuality, sexual behavior, and sexual health. I work with colleagues both here at Texas Tech as well as other universities to explore and address issues related to sexuality-related stigma and health disparities for LGBTQIA individuals. I also explore motivations for sexual behaviors (e.g., condom use, sexting, etc.). Understanding sexual behaviors can help us design interventions like working with a client to help increase relationship intimacy. Finally, my work explores the sexual health of rural individuals and methods we can design to help increase knowledge about and prevent HIV and other STI transmissions. If you are interested in joining my lab here at Texas Tech, visit my lab page to see if I am taking students for the upcoming academic year or email me.

Selected Publications

  • Currin, J.M., Hubach, R.D., & Croff, J.M. (In press).  Sex-Ed without the stigma: What gay and bisexual men would like offered in school based sex education. Journal of Homosexuality
  • Giano, Z., Hubach, R.D., Currin, J.M., & Wheeler, D.L. (2019) Adverse Childhood Experiences Predict Marijuana Use in Urban, but Not Rural Men Who Have Sex With Men. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 198, 76-79.
  • Hubach, R.D., Story, C., Currin, J. M., Weber Woods, A., Jayne, A., & Jayne, C. (In press). ‘What should sex look like?': Students' desires for expanding university sexual assault prevention programs to include comprehensive sex education. Qualitative Health Research. 
  • Hubach, R.D., Currin, J.M., Meyers, H.J., DeBoy, K.R., Giano, Z., Wheeler, D.L., & Croff, J.M. (2019). Experiences of stigma by sexual minority men in rural Oklahoma. Health Equity, 3(1), 231-237. 
  • Currin, J.M. & Hubach, R.D. (2018). Self-Forgiveness and Social Support May Reduce Loneliness in Men Who Have Sex with Men.   Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling, 12(4), 279-292.
  • Currin, J. M., Hubach, R. D., Sanders, C.**, & Hammer, T. R. (2017). Sexting leads to "risky" sex? An analysis of sexting behaviors in a non-university based older adult population. Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, 43(7), 689-702
  • Currin, J. M., Hubach, R. D., Durham, A. R., Kavanaugh, K. E., Vineyard, Z.** & Croff, J. M. (2017). How gay and bisexual men compensate for the lack of meaningful sex education in a socially conservative state. Sex Education, 17(6), 667-681
** denotes mentored students