Texas Tech University

Assistance for Residential Fellowships

Protocol for Residential Fellowships

In addition to the Targeted External Awards for which faculty incentives have been provided the last several years, the Offices of the Provost and Research & Innovation are now offering a limited amount of funding to encourage and facilitate faculty participation in externally funded residential fellowships. If you are submitting an application for a residential fellowship not on the Targeted External Awards list, please be sure to follow this procedure:

  1. When you apply for a residential fellowship, be sure to notify the Office of Research & Innovation by emailing us at facultyawardsnotification@ttu.edu. This will assist in budgeting for the program.
  2. If you are awarded a fellowship, you may be eligible for expedited Faculty Development Leave (FDL). This is especially important for assistant professors who are not normally eligible for FDL, but it is a provision open to tenured faculty, as well. Working with your department chair, you should contact the Provost's Office (Rob Stewart) and the OR&I (Stephanie J. Jones) so that the expedited FDL can be processed. The completed leave application will be placed on the agenda of the next available meeting of the Board of Regents (the Board having formal and final approval of all faculty leaves). As with standard faculty development leaves, an expedited FDL will be at ½ the faculty member's base institutional salary for one year, or full salary for ½ year, and any stipends provided by the funding agency will be in addition to the university salary. Your home department will receive $5500 (if your leave is for one semester) or $11,000 (if your leave is for an academic year) to cover instructional needs in your absence. Standard eligibility requirements and other information and forms regarding faculty development leaves are described in OP 32.29. Exceptions to eligibility criteria will be considered on a case-by-case basis for development leaves requested for the purposes of completing a fellowship.
  3. If your fellowship requires you to be in residence, you may also be eligible for assistance with relocation expenses (up to $15,000). Please send a request with the name and date of the award, the award notification letter, as well as any other pertinent information attesting to the competitiveness of the award, to Rob Stewart and Stephanie J. Jones. Determinations of eligibility for relocation expenses for residential fellowships not on the list of Targeted External Awards will be made on a case-by-case basis. You will also be asked to complete a form with an itemized budget and justification. In order to receive this relocation support, you must be approved for funding no later than 30 days before you leave for your fellowship residency. Funding cannot be applied retroactively.
  4. Faculty are reminded that there is a limited pool of resources for relocation support and are encouraged to apply for such assistance as soon as possible after being notified of receiving a fellowship where relocation is necessary.