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Faculty Start-Up Request Guidelines

Note: To view/edit changes in the start-up request PDF form linked on this page, Google Chrome is the recommended web browser.

Start-up request negotiations must be for an individual; requests will not be considered for positions. The FY 2018 start-up request form is linked here and below, while the FY 2019 start-up request form is also available here. The appropriate form must be completed and routed for approval and signatures prior to confirming a faculty offer. Department/College/Diversity/Provost contributions and approval signatures must be obtained before submission for consideration by the Office of Research & Innovation (OR&I).NEW: Departments please note that all centrally requested equipment should be split equally across the OR&I and Provost Office lines. For example if an equipment request would have been $6k to the OR&I prior, please apply $3k to each line now.

All requests must be accompanied by a justification statement with a categorical breakdown of all funding requested by fiscal year. Salary must be broken out into salary type needed: Faculty, Graduate Student, Research Assistant, or Other. Due to the nature of the start-up funding source, the justification statement should additionally include a statement as to how the request meets the directive of promoting increased research capacity at Texas Tech University. Additionally, the OR&I and Provost Office start-up funding sources are state-restricted which limits request consideration to those compliant with the State of Texas and Texas Tech University expenditure guidelines.

Please note that all start-up allocations are for the individuals they were requested for. Any start-up distributions not being spent for the requested individual or for an individual who was recruited unsuccessfully must be cancelled as soon as possible by notifying all parties and returning any distributed funding.

The OR&I is located in Administration Building, room 169. For questions, please contact Michele Hamilton at (806) 742-3905, or email to michele.hamilton@ttu.edu. The completed start-up request packet should include:

  • FY 2018 Request Form (fillable Adobe PDF)
  • FY 2019 Request Form (fillable Adobe PDF)
  • Clarification Statement and any associated communications, if applicable, regarding facility modification, specialized research needs, financial disclosure, or grants to be transferred to TTU
  • Draft Offer Letter which includes new institutional language around research and scholarship
  • Justification Statement with funding breakdown
  • Promotion of Increased Research Capacity Statement
  • Curriculum Vita
  • Position Description

Office of Research & Innovation