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New Faculty Hire Package Guidelines

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Start-up funds are to be used to support the development of your scholarly and creative work. Start-up funds are provided to support your research initiatives during your first three years at Texas Tech University.


Start-up request negotiations must be for an individual; requests will not be considered for positions. The FY 2025, FY 2026, and FY 2027 start-up forms are linked here along with a checklist of documents to be included in the start-up package. The appropriate form and required addendum information must be completed and routed for approval and signatures prior to sending a faculty offer.

Packages will route first to College Dean's Office for review/approval – please consult with your College about your in-house process.

The College will send the completed package to the Vice Provost for Faculty Success. The Vice Provost will review the offer letter and the Executive Director of Academic Finance will review the requested Provost's contribution to the package. Once approved, the Vice Provost will send the package to the Office of Research and Innovation. OR&I will review the package and return a decision directly to the college submitting the package.

Please note that all centrally requested equipment (HEAF) should be split equally across the VPRI and Provost Office lines. For example, if an equipment (HEF) request would have been $6k to the OR&I prior, please apply $3k to each line. No other funds are available from the Provost's office.

Because 11B181/CRSF funds allow the University to save on fringe benefit costs, 11B181 funds in startup packages should only be used for salary costs. Should the new faculty member wish to transfer student or postdoctoral salary budgeted in a startup package into another expenditure category (e.g. equipment, supplies, etc.), department business managers should contact the College Business Manager who will coordinate the request, obtain Dean or Associate Dean for Research approval and forward on to OR&I finance group for consideration/approval. If approved, it will require a trade of 11B181 funds for another fund type.

All packages must include a justification statement with a categorical breakdown of all funding requested by fiscal year. Salary must be broken out into salary type needed: Faculty, Graduate Student, Research Assistant, or Other Salary. Due to the nature of the start-up funding source, the justification statement should include a statement as to how the request meets the directive of promoting increased research capacity at Texas Tech University. Additionally, the OR&I and Provost Office start-up funding sources are state-restricted which limits request consideration to those compliant with the State of Texas and Texas Tech University expenditure guidelines.

What types of purchases are allowed?

Start-up funds may be used to purchase items that will aid you in acquiring external funding and further your research initiatives. Some of these expenditures include salary support, equipment, travel, software, lab supplies, etc. All purchases must fall in line with state and university guidelines.

Core Research - 11B181 Funds

Funds support salary expenses only (faculty, graduate student, research assistant, or other salary). Carry forwards are not allowed.

Deadline: July 31st, funded year

HEF – 13A048 Funds

Funds support equipment purchases. Funds are provided from OR&I and the Provost Offices (50/50 split). Funds are available for 3 fiscal years from start date (ex: Award month, September 2021, deadline to use August 31, 2023). 

Deadline: August 31st, from first year of award

NRUF – 14A001 Funds

Funds support “Other” expenses such as domestic travel, supplies, etc. Funds are available for 3 fiscal years from start date (ex: Award month, September 2021, deadline to use August 31, 2023).

Deadline: August 31st, from first year of award

Unsuccessful Recruitment 

Please note that all start-up allocations are for the individuals for whom they were requested. Any start-up distributions not being spent for the requested individual or for an individual who was recruited unsuccessfully must be canceled as soon as possible by notifying all parties and returning any distributed funding.

Unused Funds

HEF (13A048) and NRUF (14A001) funds will carry forward for 3 years from your start date. Except for instances where an extension of the tenure clock has been granted, requests to carry startup funds forward beyond the third year should be submitted to startup.vpr@ttu.edu through the Start-Up Funding Carry Forward Exception Form. Please note, your dean, research dean, and department chair must sign this form for consideration.

Notification of the request will be sent to the Chief Financial Officer. The justification of the requested carry forward must be linked to specific activities or objectives that bear on research success and productivity. Generally, only carry forward requests of a modest size will be approved.

Travel Expenses

International travel expenses are not allowed on 14A001 funds. If funds for international travel are needed, a trade within your college/department can be made with OR&I approval. If your college/department does not have the correct funds for international travel, a possible trade with OR&I can be made.

A travel credit card for all domestic travel expenses applied against 14A001 is required. You can work with your departmental business manager to get this application submitted/processes through Procurement Services.

These guidelines are available as a download here.

For questions, please contact Josie Solis at josie.solis@ttu.edu or (806) 742-3905.