Texas Tech University

Major Exploration Resources

Helpful Steps in Major Exploration:

  1. Take the Focus under Career Assessments at University Career Center to identify majors of interest.
  2. Complete eXplore with the University Advising Center.
  3. Explore careers at www.onetcenter.org and explore college offerings.
  4. Speak with individuals who are knowledgeable about the field in which you are interested.
  5. Follow your passion after you explore all the options.
  6. Ask questions − many of them.
  7. Attend the Majors & Minors Fair.

Key Terms

Majors are the primary undergraduate fields of study.

Minors are fields studied in addition to the major.

Concentrations (or Specialization or Track) is a structured plan of study within a major.

Certificates are a structured set of professionally oriented courses designed to provide recognition that the student has completed coursework in an applied area of focus.

Pre-Professional Fields are a designations, not a majors. For example, pre-law and pre-medicine are not majors; they designate a career path that will require a professional school after graduation. Pre-professional students who plan to earn a baccalaureate degree must choose a major in an academic discipline by their junior year and complete the courses required for admission into the professional school.

Department is a unit within a college representing a discipline. For example, the Department of English is in the College of Arts & Sciences.


  • Listing of TTU Undergraduate Fields of Study
  • eXplore
    eXplore is a program that consists of a collection of activities designed to assist exploring/deciding students in the process of choosing their best-fit college major. The objective of the program is to work with exploring students within two consecutive semesters as they make their major decision.
  • FOCUS 
    Focus is a values-based assessment that can be of significant value to first year and sophomore students to help you develop an accurate picture of your personal strengths, needs, and preferences; and will help you develop a sound career plan.
  • What Can I Do With This Major?