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Our Mission

University Advising partners with students, parents, and the community to facilitate autonomy, foster independence, and develop opportunities to engage in and refine the academic advising experience.

Engage. Refine. Advise.

Three simple words that envelop our entire philosophy of facilitating student growth, development, and success.

Engage. We meet students where they are, academically, socially, geographically. From Raider Road Shows and Red Raider Orientation to teaching RaiderReady classes to intentional communication with students who may be searching for direction, we actively engage students in conversations, action plans, and success strategies.

Refine. Goals are vital to success. TTUA provides the support and framework for you to look critically at your goals, your strengths, your talents, your intentions and find details and refinements to make those goals a reality.

Advise. This doesn't mean picking courses for you. Advising means coaching, facilitating, encouraging, guiding, questioning, pushing, collaborating. You are in control of your college career; we are here to support, assist, bolster, and champion your success.

Exploratory Advising

Every student in one of our eXplore designations is looking for that ideal major. Exploring may mean you know what you want (e.g. engineering, finance, kinesiology, etc.) but you need to work on the requirements to get there. Exploring may also mean you aren't quite sure what the pathway is for you, but you have an idea of where you want to go and are willing to collaborate with us to figure it out. In both instances we utilize our Major Exploration Process, eXplore, to partner with students and help them find their best fit major.

We Are Your Campus Resource Brokers

Brokering campus resources includes introducing students to campus resources and partnering with students to find out how they can best utilize those resources based on what they need. University Advising staff function as resource brokers to guide students toward important offices, persons, and services, which aid in student persistence and success. To get started with resources, check out our Resource Homepage. If you have questions or are unsure about something, come in during Walk-in Advising Hours (see above to the right), or Make An Advising Appointment.

We Are Your Academic Collaborators

University Advising has a variety of students seeking to pursue many pathways. Our goal as advisors is to collaborate with you on the best route towards your intended path, as well as to help you explore new pathways. We like to have students come visit their assigned advisor at least once a semester to talk and let us know how things are going, as well as what they need (of course, you can come by more often!). Meeting one-to-one with an advisor is one of the best ways to navigate Texas Tech successfully.

We are Your Support Toward Academic Success

In University Advising, we know that students face many challenges and as well as celebrate many victories on their path to success. Our advisors seek to encourage and support students in those challenges and congratulate them in those victories. Our office is an open, safe space for students. If you need help making a schedule, have an illness or emergency that is keeping you from class, or just aren't sure what you need, we are a great place to start. Likewise, if you want to celebrate that math test or new internship, we are here for you. You can always contact your advisor or our University Advising Inbox, as well as come by for an appointment or walk-in advising.

Major Declaration

You know what you want you are ready to declare. Awesome! Here you can find relevant information for all the advising offices across campus so you can connect with the advisor in your intended major and get declared! 



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