Texas Tech University


Chapter 8

Academic Major Checklist:

Is This Major Right for Me

-Why are you considering this major?

-How is this major compatible with your personal values, skills, interests, and goals?


Run a "what-if" degree audit & look up the 4-year plan in the catalog.

review course descriptions for the required courses.

do the courses look interesting?

___ yes, all of them

___ some of them

___ only a few of them

___none of them 


 -What classes are you most excited about?

-What classes are you least excited about?


Look at all of the courses required for this major.

Do you have the skills and interest to complete these courses?

___ yes

___ no


How does this major relate to your career interests?

What is a minor that would complement this major or give you an opportunity to explore a personal area of interest?

Can you incorporate study abroad, student organization involvement, internships, research or other experiences?

How confident are you that this major is a good fit for you? (5 = most confident)

What will you do with this major?


Moving Forward!

• Get declared! See the advisor for your top choice major 

• Join and participate in student organizations related to academic/career path

• Make connections with faculty 

• Find additional opportunities outside of campus to grow and develop

• Find a job or an internship that corresponds to academic/career path

• Utilize support services such as tutoring, office hours, undergraduate research, mentoring, etc… 


majors and minors


post grad